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Blue: Allied Nations

Yellow: Confederate Revolutionaries

Red: Soviet Union and Soviet friendly countries

Orange: Empire of the Rising Sun

Black: Order of the Talon

Green: Atomic Kingdom of China

Teal: Mediterranean Syndicate

Purple: Electrical Protectorate

Dark Green: Global Liberation Army

Dark Gold: Army of the Republic of Vietnam

Unsaturated Blue: National Republic Army

Unsaturated Red: Communist China

Maroon: Cult of the Black Hand

White: Neutral

Streaked areas are under battle between different factions. The colour of an area does not always mean the area is 100% under the faction's control but can be occupied areas with civil unrest. Small dots usually mean hidden bases or sprawls.


Earth is the third planet of the solar system, the only that has been capable of sustaining life to the degree of sentience: humanity. Right now on Earth, it is the year 1969, and there are many factions among the human populace, each with their own views and ideals. Below are examples and testimonies from each party, explaining their motives or reason for being.

A World That Needs Help[]

An Allied View

"I have to disagree with you, Mr. Reagan. The Allies aren't some occupying force. They're liberators, if anyone is. They've protected us and others, stopped violence world wide, and made everyone's life better. I mean, remember Belfast used to have a bomb go off every day? And all they've asked for in return is our friendship and a few tanks to replace those they lost. They've never told us or anyone what to do, until Ackerman lost his head, and even then, they didn't strike back. I think the Federalists have lost the whole picture, and that's why I'm against any action against the Allies. And with the Soviets knocking on Europe's door, we can't afford to be divisive."

- Senator Michael Dugan, during a session in Congress

"Hero of the Peace"

- Graffiti found in many third world countries, with drawing of a Peacekeeper

A World Against Us[]

A Confederate View

"The year is 1969 CE. We say CE now, Common Era, thanks to the Allies; they've mandated it be said that way in order to respect other cultures and reduce the religiousness of common speech or some other nonsense. Ever notice that the only culture that we ever seem to be respectin' is either the damned Europeans or some backward little hellhole of the week? There ain't ever talk of American Culture or protectin' our feelings. No, we're the big bad Americans, we need to be controlled 'n' reigned in and all this, soon as they finish exportin' their culture all over ours. The Beetles? That ain't music, boy, just some bowl-haired Brits the world's got in a tizzy about. But the Allies, they've outlived their purpose and now they think they can control everything and fix it all. And now they've gone and done something we can't forgive them for.

The Allies, they believe that they can make people better. That they can come in with their secularism and their science and their ruttin' social workers and they can change who a person is, and that doin' so is the right thing to do... I don't hold to that. You can't fix people; they either fix themselves or they don't ever get fixed. Hell, who are you to say they're broken anyway? What gives you the right?


Who the hell do you think we are?"

- A radio broadcast by "Sgt. Reynolds" of the Confederate Continental Army

A World in Revolution[]

A Soviet View

"Когда-то Союзники были добрыми и альтруистичными. Мы не виним их за то, что они сражались против нас и убили многих. Если родной поселок человека атакован, неужели он не поможет соседям защитить его? Вина лежит на Сталине, он был тираном. Он взял Революцию и обратил её на службу своим безумным амбициям.

Но посмотрите на Союзников сегодня! Они коррумпированные элита и аристократы! Взгляните на Америку, ваших друзей,тех, кто пришел на помощь без промедления! Они убили Акермана, который всего лишь хотел защищать свою страну. Вы хотите,чтобы эти люди управляли вами? Как скоро они придут и убьют Ваших лидеров?

Советский Союз лишь хочет,чтобы вы присоединились и помогли очистить мир от этой предательской грязи. Никогда больше человек не будет нести вес тех, кто ставит себя над ним. При коммунизме все будут равны. И без Союзников мы придем к миру и процветанию, которое никогда не знало человечество.

Свободные люди всех стран, объединяйтесь!"

"The Allies were once noble and altruistic. We do not blame the Allies for the decimation of our last generation. If a man's village is attacked, will he not join with his neighbours and fight back? Blame for that goes with Stalin, who was a fool and a tyrant. He took the Revolution and turned it for his own madness.

But look at the Allies now! They are a corrupt and elitist aristocracy! Look at America, your friends who came to your aid without delay! They assassinated Ackerman, who only wished to defend his people. Do you want these people lording over you? How long until they kill YOUR leaders?

The Soviet Union wishes only that you join them in cleansing the world of these treacherous filth. No longer will a man carry the weight of those above them. In the Worker's Paradise, all will be equal. And without the Allies, we will have peace and prosperity never before known to humanity.

Free men of the world, unite!"

- Soviet propaganda reel shown to occupied Allied nations

A World That Could Have Been[]

A Japanese View



The year is 1969, though it rightly should have been Yoshiro 37. We took on the world thinking that, with the weight of divine destiny behind us, we could rule the world, and none could stop us. A year later, we see that things are not so simple, our divine destiny misleading. We cannot subject our people to such a war without the sureness of victory behind us.

Our fight is not over, though no longer will it be fought with blade and bullet. Our zaibatsu and technology leave us in a unique position to wage a new kind of war, one of stock markets and the world economy, and will allow us to exert our influence in ways military power could never achieve. None can stand before our might in any sphere, in war or peace!

- Transcript of the Emperor's briefing of the Diet, December 1968

A World that Was[]

A Talon View

"The Year is 1969 Anno Domini, in the year of our lord, and it is the 800th year for our order. Perhaps in the past we were known as knights, as soldiers for God, and for Honour. But now we stand alone after countless failures and endless strife. Perhaps now it may be time for our reclaiming of the earth for Him. May He destroy the Enemy, those Spawn of Satan whose only goal is corrupting the minds of so many. A war brews upon the horizon; I fear it may be our last year upon this Earth. May the mercy of God protect us, and He have mercy on our souls for what we are about to do. We must be victorious, or the world will be damned, enslaved to the devices of Satan. Victory or Damnation, there is no other choice."

- Police interrogation of an unnamed, self-proclaimed "Knight." His cell was later found melted open.

A World Lost to Us[]

A Chinese View


The foreign powers used our internal affairs to cripple our country. However, China stands up again, with our country united and our army is stronger than ever! Our atomic weapons have already destroyed the insolent bandits who dared to call themselves Red and Blue Chinese Army, and China is no longer the puppet the foreign powers sought to control! It is now time to let the world know the power of the Atomic Kingdom of China!

- Calligraphic Scroll found in the irradiated ruins of Nanjing, former capital and military headquarters of the Blue Chinese Army

A World of Opportunity[]

A Syndicate View

"Chi cazzo se ne FREGA che anno è, l'uomo! Il mondo può rimanere bloccato nel 1969 per tutta la nostra cura, il futuro è adesso! Il Mega-corpo sono quelli veramente in esecuzione merda, siamo solo per il lungo viaggio, con i nostri dischi portatili e la nostra 'Slaught o Hex o qualunque sia il vostro veleno è. Lascia che il mondo brucia in modo che possano illuminare le Sprawls. Lasciate che il governo e l'uomo brucia! Lasciate che le loro leggi e la loro ingerenza ustione! Se gli Alleati ei Sovietici pensano di essere così caldo, vediamo li pagano loro strada come il resto di noi!"

"Who the fuck CARES what year it is, man! The world can stay stuck in 1969 for all our care; the future is now! The Mega-corps are the ones really running shit, we're just along for the ride, with our portable records and our 'Slaught or Hex or whatever your poison is. Let the world burn so they can illuminate the Sprawls. Let the government and the Man burn! Let their laws and their meddling burn! If the Allies and the Soviets think they're so hot, lets see them pay their way like the rest of us!"

- A 1968 National Geographic Interview with a Sprawl dweller

"It's all about the bottom line. Never forget that."

- Attributed to Romulus, 1932

A World Without Purpose[]

A Protectorate View

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- A computer decoding of an anomalous message from the Pacific Ocean, November 1969