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Brief A rolling cloud of radar contacts and vague reports filter back to the enemy HQ, sending them into a panic!

Reconnaissance has always played a vital part in achieving victory in battle, ever since humans first went to war. Whether by horse mounted cavalry, espionage, or some other method, human armies have attempted to gather information on the movements of their enemies. Even today, reconnaissance remains a key part in warfare, and ever more advanced methods of gathering information on the enemy have been developed, from spy satellites to unmanned aerial vehicles.

With accurate information gathering being so important to victory, the ability to deceive the enemy, to trick and confuse them into believing the wrong things by providing them with false information, could help one to secure victory over one's enemies, or otherwise secure some sort of advantage. The art of deception isn't just limited to war; the KGB and the ACIN constantly engage in attempts to spread disinformation to the other side.

In particular, the Peacekeepers are known for their use of "disinformation" attacks; through a multitude of different means, the enemy is bombarded and overwhelmed with falsified data, contacts, and reports, the aim of such an attack to confuse and panic the enemy command staff as much as possible, allowing the Peacekeepers to then take advantage of the confusion in the enemy ranks. To achieve this, enemy communications channels are flooded with radio chatter, false radio messages are deliberately leaked to fool the enemy, reports from the field falsified outright or doctored, and enemy radar flooded with fake radar contacts. Many an Allied spy will recount the time when the enemy's command was thrown into panic upon receiving a fake report from the field that an Allied Chronosphere was about to be activated.

Of course, commanders and command staff have come to grow wary of such attempts by the Allies to spread disinformation, reducing the impact of such attacks. Even if the disinformation fails to trick the enemy, it can cause an enemy commander to hesitate and second-guess him or herself, which may still buy the Peacekeepers a valuable moment to inflict as much damage as possible.

60px Disinformation A rolling cloud of radar contacts and vague reports filter back to the enemy HQ, sending them into a panic! Between the two points you designate, a group of radar contacts and fake EVA contacts will travel, confusing your opponent.
Allied Nations Peacekeeping Divisions

Italics designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

Infantry Attack DogPeacekeeperJavelin SoldierHeavy DefenderEngineerSpyRiflemanRiot AgentRocketeerTanyaPathfinderRocket Pathfinder
Vehicles MCVProspectorRiptide ACVMultigunner IFVArmoured Response VehiclePavlov Handler TankGuardian TankIcarus Mobile AAAHorizon Artillery TankMirage TankAthena CannonAssault StrikerStewart TankValkyrie Self-Propelled Gun
Experimental Vehicles Particle ExpellerFusion TorchtankBarkhausen ProjectorPlanck CompressorRosen Bridging TankPion Isospin ArrayHiggs MASS TankAres Mobile Solar CannonBohr Wavefunction Adjuster
Aircraft Apollo FighterVindicatorCardinal Transport CopterNightingale CarryallCryocopterLongbow LiberatorCentury Bomber
Heavy Aircraft Pulsar Drone MissileMesofortress GunshipAchilles Superiority FighterHeisenberg Assault CopterQuasar DroneFalcon Command Helicopter
Watercraft DolphinHydrofoilSwan Amphibious PlaneAssault LanderAssault DestroyerSubhunter FrigateAlert IcebreakerAircraft Carrier
Structures Construction YardPower PlantBoot CampOre RefineryArmour FacilityAirbaseStrategic Air CommandSeaportDefence BureauAeronautics ComplexExperimental WorkshopCommand HubChronosphereProton Collider
Defences BarricadeSecurity GateReductMultigunner TurretSpectrum TowerGAP TowerSingularity TowerCryo TowerGrand Collider
Protocols Allied Protocols
Surveillance Sweep/Air Recon SweepChemical MortarsSurgical StrikeAirborne AttackBlitzkrieg!Cryo SatDisinformationGPS LockTime BombChrono SwapWire-Guided Missile StrikeMicrowave BurstGOOP StrikeClockstopShrink VortexChrono Rift
Lore Units Cryo LegionnaireFuture Tank X-1Harbinger GunshipPacifier FAVGrand Cannon
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