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Type 75 Disassembler Tower
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Building Type Defense Structure
Function Anti-tank/Support
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Constructs None
Dev. Status Concept

Considering nanites can construct almost any material, it is not suprising that the reverse is also true: Nanites can deconstruct almost any material back to its basic elements. In fact, this process is exactly how Imperial Ore Refineries function.

The military potential for this ability was largely ignored until an incident during the Battle of Tokyo with the Allies. As Allied tanks approached, a quick-thinking engineer rigged a truck carrying a load of refining nanites to rupture as Allied forces passed. Moments after the attack, bewildered tank crews found themselves standing in pools of sludge as their tanks literally dissolved around them. After the war, the military began investigating the use of specialised deconstruction nanites as a defensive weapon. The result is the Disassembler Tower.

The spindly Disassembler Tower sprays a stream of adhesive gel containing tens of thousands of deconstruction nanites. This sticks to enemy vehicles and begins to dissolve their armour. While this damages them far slower that a blast of wave-force energy, the resource-rich sludge formed from dissolved vehicles can be easily collected. Machinery in the tower converts this into parts that are distributed to nearby vehicles, boosting their combat effectiveness.

Reports of rogue deconstruction nanites attacking shipping after a shipment bound for Hawa'ii sunk under mysterious circumstances are being met with skeptisism by Japanese officials.

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