Digitech Aura Projector
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Building Type Defensive Superweapon
Function Buffs Friendly Units
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Constructs None
Dev. Status Conceptual


Following World War II, which saw the development of high-power microwave emitters known as cavity magnetrons, the idea of using microwaves to transmit power was researched. In 1964, William C. Brown demonstrated a miniature helicopter equipped with a combination antenna and rectifier device called a rectenna. The rectenna converted microwave power into electricity, allowing the helicopter to fly. In principle, the rectenna is capable of very high conversion efficiencies - over 80% in optimal circumstances. Most proposed MPT systems now usually include a phased array microwave transmitter. While these have lower efficiency levels they have the advantage of being electrically steered using no moving parts, and are easier to scale to the necessary levels that a practical MPT system requires.

The Syndicate built upon his successes with massive full scale deployments of similar technologies, but this was not enough for the Board; they wanted to build Rome in a day, without the limitations of time. To this end the Syndicate sought to use an over-the-horizon relay system to power, communicate, and directly control large areas of land with or without established infrastructure. Unlike a standard microwave radio relay link, with an over-horizon, or tropospheric scatter, microwave radio relay, the sending and receiving antennas do not use a line of sight transmission path. Instead, the stray signal transmission, known as "troposcatter" or simply "scatter," from the sent signal is picked up by the receiving station. Several uses have been found for combat.

In areas where Syndicate private military contractors operate, it is rare but not unknown to see large fortified structures that are covered with nothing but microwave towers and parabolic antennas. These secure compounds are recognised as relay stations, and serve as local communication hubs. The onlookers do not know of the true reasons for their construction. In truth, these structures--known as Digitech Aura Projectors--are meant to provide long range logistical support by bombarding an area with intense high power microwaves. As most Syndicate hardware comes equipped with an Area Universal Relay Application, they can convert this radiation into energy, but outsiders in the immediate area will have extreme electronics interference as well as electromagnetic radiation strong enough to excite water.

Tactics Edit

Any unit under the Digitech Aura Projector's radius of effect gains huge bonuses to their aggressive, defensive and manoeuvring capacity, while enemy units are heavily effected in a negative fashion. The Projector can essentially ensure your victory in a single given battle, or pump your troops up for an assault.

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