Devastator Air Battleship
Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Unit Type Airship
Designation Anti-Ground
Production Building Foundry
Secondary Ability Focus all guns on a single target
Prerequisite Unknown
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Dimension of Origin  Subspace 15
Assembled by  Region 2, Artificer Node 1
Key Features  » Fractal macro-guns
 » Disentangler arrays
 » Retrospectrum turrets
 » Stabilizing jets
 » Multiple redundant CPUs

"Why do you hide, stupid humans? The Devastator only wishes to kill you."

- Devastator Air Battleship

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Out of this world: The Devastator is armed with a wide arsenal of weapons, well suited to taking out anything ranging from a Peacekeeper to an Apocalypse Tank. Fractal guns, gatling cannons and other weapons make this ship a feared foe.
  • Got my sights on you: The Devastator can bring all of its many weapon turrets to bear on a single target. Those unfortunate enough to receive that much attention from the Devastator's weapons tend to have a very short lifespan.
  • All about bombardment: Compared to other airships, the Devastator is considerably less durable, although it is still far better armoured than your average low level EP unit.

Operational HistoryEdit

March 14th, 1969 issue of Westwood journal review Edit

Soviet airship shot down over the Indian Ocean

The Allied Navy announced today that the ANV Republic was attacked yesterday by a Soviet airship. The Soviet Union denies any such attack, and that there are no airships that far south to begin with. The Republic is in Cape Town to repair the severe damage it received.

The Republic was out on maneuvers in the Indian Ocean with it's attendant fleet when its radar picked up a large object. The Hermes UAV launched to investigate disappeared soon after coming into visual range. The fleet diverted from course to investigate when the unidentified vessel attacked, sinking many vessels and damaging the Republic severely. The Allied Navy stated the airship was armed in line with the Zhukov War Zeppelin, only modified to attack ground targets. Eventually, the Hydrofoils were able to shoot down the floating ship. However, its remains sank deep into the ocean, making salvage impossible.

The Allied Navy is refusing to give out more details, citing intelligence risks. However, civilian workers in Cape Town have noted the Republic is not only scarred with bullet holes and dented by explosive weaponry, but many sections seems to have cracked like glass. This damage is theorized to be due to some sort of new magnetic weapon the Soviets have developed.

Despite the unprovoked attack, the Allied Nations have not demanded any explanation from the Soviets, and have not mobilized any units on punitive measures against the Soviet Union. The Kremlin has protested its innocence and believes the Allies are using a case of friendly fire as propaganda against the Soviet Union. Allied High Command could not be reached for comment.

The radar operator on the Republic had calculated that the airship was on a course originating from Madagascar. It is unknown if this is related to the unknown nanites found there earlier this year.

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