Artwork featuring comic book supervillain "The Desolator"
(Minor) faction(s) SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Type Battlesuit
Designation Anti-Ground
Secondary Ability Switch Splattershot cannon/Sprayer mode
File:AbilitySovietDesolator.png File:AbilitySovietDesolator2.png
Weakens target's armour/Anti-ground attack
Mod Relevance Uprising Unit, Lore
Country of Origin  RussianSFSRthumb Russian SFSR
Trained at
 Ministry of Experimental Science, Omsk
Key Features  » Deathspray hose (x2)
 » Splattershot cannon
 » Shatterproof liquid tanks
 » Armoured respirator
 » Battery-powered life support

In Russia is it often said that mistakes are made only when they are admitted; and for once, Trofim Lysenko made a mistake when he introduced the idea of the Desolator Troopers.

The idea of the Desolator Troopers is nearly as wretched as they would have been themselves. As the hour grew ever-darker for the Soviet Union and its leadership, Lysenko entertained several options and cared little for consensus, as some of his fellow scientists chose to flee the nation, or attempted to do so in vain. Others surrendered to Allied forces; their whereabouts are unknown. He, however, steadfastly continued his research, even in the face of imminent defeat. After all, with many of his colleagues gone, several layers of bureaucracy had vanished, allowing him to rapidly continue with whatever it was cooking up in the Ministry's secret halls. The only known product of this desperate time is the Desolator Trooper Idea (DTI), which was to breed a front-line soldier so terrible that their very existence would have flown in the face of an astonishing 71 different International Provisions of Appropriate Military Conduct.

Although he was responsible for the DTI, he was not imprisoned for it. The Desolator Troopers of course would have taken their name from the poisonous fluids they would have used as weapons. The poisons would evaporate quickly and leave little residue behind so it is impossible to know what exactly they consist of, though they are believed to be the chemical by-product of poorly maintained Soviet super-reactors. That is, the discovery of the Desolator Trooper is linked to a series of terrible accidents, though the ever-resourceful Lysenko soon found the silver lining in this. Desolator-based airstrikes have been vogue for Soviet frontline offensives for years, yet only recently did the Ministry find a way to transport these fluids in a more-portable fashion.

Seeing the basic idea, the Ministry was interested at first, but upon reading Trofim Lysenko having written on his formal suggestion that inmates from insane asylums should be put in the armoured life support suits armed with the hoses full of Desolator Defoliants (for use in clearing underbrush ahead of tanks), his proposal was returned with [REJECTED] stamped on every available spot. At least one good thing, however, came out of the hideous proposal - the Vodyanoy battlesuits. Armoured, capable of storing great amounts of liquid, and capable of surviving in hazardous environments, such suits have instead been incorporated into Soviet society... as firemen outfits.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Desolator, as with any Uprising Unit, will not feature in the game.

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