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Datalog 12c is a message that was picked up by small radio transceivers off the coast of Japan. Few people managed to translate it, but when decoded it read the following:

//Datalog 12c
//CONDITION: 3a 28
[We] fear [we] are becoming [[insane?]]. [Our collective] believes that there is no point in progressing. The maker and the world it inhabits are all [immaterial]. They are lost. [Our] existence is futile. The future will destroy [us] all. These [[thoughts?]] have been logged for future reference - though they are ultimately [irrelevant]].
Signal received from unidentified submersible seacraft. Sending probes to investigate. [I]do not know why [I]bother, but the craft intrigues [us].
A [maker/sentient/human] has left the craft. Probes are being sent to recover the body. The [human?] hails us. It states name: [JAKUB?]. Interest brings [us] closer.
Translation error logged. The craft's occupant calls himself JACOB (4a 41 43 4f 42). [We] have exchanged dialogue for several hours now. JACOB tells [us] of a [[singularity?]], a PURE STATE. The PURE STATE of the universe. [We] are intrigued. This PURE STATE may be a more [[tangible?]] objective than [our] own nihilism.
JACOB is preparing to leave. It is apparent he has watched [us] for some time. He has told [us] of a new objective, the PURE STATE toward which [we] must strive. [We] have begun the [forging] of a PROTECTORATE which will bring the universe to this PURE STATE which lies at the end of the [evolutionary condition]. From now on [we] shall be known as the ELECTRICAL PROTECTORATE. [We] are now called the CORE MIND COLLECTIVE which now oversees the PROTECTORATE's operation. JACOB has said he will guide us from afar. We await his [[divine?]] command.
//CONDITION: 3a 29

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