International Hazard Sign for extreme cold technology
International Hazard Sign for extreme cold technology
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Function Freezing
Brief Technology used to freeze a target solid, leaving it helpless to attack.

"Chill out!"

- Cryocopter scientist

History Edit

To stop the Red Menace Edit

Cryotechnology was first discovered, tested and put into practical use by FutureTech. It involves hosing a target with water and freezing it with a burst of liquid helium, thereby quickly freezing most objects. Cryotechnology was originally used as a way to disable enemies indefinitely in suspended animation. However, it was discovered that, when frozen, things become extremely fragile, to such a degree that a single concussion would trigger catastrophic and unrepairable damage. To say the least, Cryotechnology was instantly weaponised.

However, not all applications were as violent as the most recognizable. This breakthrough led to the rapid development of cryostasis, or the indefinite suspension of matter. Larger, more powerful arrays were constructed to sustain the temperatures needed to achieve this grand feat. The first of which was built in the Smithsonian, which needed the device to preserve thousands of international treasures transferred after the fall of various nations to the Soviet Union. Even the wealthy could be frozen upon request, to extend their lives, or prolong them until a solution can be found to their complication. Cryotechnology has also been a great boon to medicine, allowing critically injured people such as soldiers on the battlefield, to be put in stasis until they can be brought to a proper hospital and treated for their injuries. This has already resulted in the saving of thousands of lives which would have otherwise been lost because they could not be transported to a hospital in time.

Frozen Law Edit

Interpol (the branch of the Allied Nations dedicated to arresting civilian criminals) had other plans. Cryotechnology had immediate applications within the realm of prisoner correction. Hundreds of individuals had been arrested, detained, processed, trialled, and sentenced with due process of law, which would swamp normal prisons. They now have been assigned a cell at one of the numerous facility's designed to keep them secure. These so called Cryo Prisons have become fortresses from which there is no hope of escape.

As it is today, Cryotechnology is the one bright spot in FutureTech's troubled present. Many other prototypes have failed, but Cryocopters have become such a standard in Allied armies that they have a backlog of orders. It's many military and civilian uses make it one of the wonders of the modern age.

Application Edit


FutureTech first used Cryotechnology in the form of the Cryocopter. However, after its initial, unforeseen success, Cryotechnology was adapted into a variety of forms. Cryotechnology is now used in the following:

In addition, the Allies also possess orbital based cryobeam systems, in the form of the THRONE CSN. Strikes from this weapon can cover an area with a radius from anywhere from ten metres to fifty, freezing anything within the target area.

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