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Cryo Tower
Some Cryo Towers, along with several other defences
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Building Type Base Defence
Function Support/Anti-Air
Cost 1600
Construction Time 0:15
Power -50
Ability Switch Cryo Maintenance/Cryobeam
Keep frozen units frozen within 400/Freeze a single target
Constructs None
Dev. Status In Game
Country of Origin  Belgiumthumb Belgium
Produced by  NextGen Cryo Research Center, Antwerp
Key Features  » "North Pole" Cryo Cannon
 » Advanced Firing and Targeting Mechanisms
 » Liquid Helium Storage (refillable)
 » "Permafrost" Cryo maintaining system.
 » "Screw FutureTech" insignia (underneath tower)

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Cold as ice: Cyro Towers freeze enemies in place by bombarding them with a mixture of water and liquid helium, much like the Cryocopter.
  • Like a Refrigerator: A Cryo Tower can also release liquid nitrogen around itself. Though not cold enough to freeze enemies, it is more than able to keep frozen objects from thawing. Unfortunately the Cryo Tower uses the pump which it uses to attack, leaving it unable to fire liquid helium.
  • Walls? No problem: With the height of the Cryo Tower, it can easily direct its cryobeams over obstacles (basically, walls) that would frustrate lesser defences. As a plus, the Cryo Tower can freeze aircraft, causing them to drop out of the sky.
  • Cryogenic Preservation: Turning people to icicles is not lethal, so the Cryo Tower needs to be backed up by something that can shoot, otherwise when the enemies thaw they will not be happy.

Operational HistoryEdit

The success of the Cryocopter has inspired Allied scientists to further explore the role of liquid helium in weapons. One of the more successful designs is the Cryo Tower, which has recently been approved for full-scale defensive deployment. Though lacking the S.H.R.I.N.K. ray employed by the Cryocopter, the Cryo Tower uses a heavier, more powerful refrigeration unit and projection system, allowing the Cryo Tower to freeze targets from a longer range, and faster as well.

The Cryo Tower's height makes it ideal for defending walled bases, as it can fire over defensive structures onto approaching forces. Though capable of targeting only one unit at a time, the computer control system that aims the weapon can quickly and effectively switch between targets as soon as their victims have been fully frozen; a group of Cryo Towers and a single Multigunner Turret can tear even a squadron of heavy tanks to pieces in short order. Cryo Towers are also capable of engaging and neutralizing air threats.

Just the StatsEdit

Cryo Tower
Volatile (200, 150 blast damage frozen), Prerequisite(Refinery)
Support Defense
Cost 1600
Build Time 0:15
Health 125
Power -50
Armour Type Fortification
Cryo Cannon
Indirect, Cryo Weapon
Range 400
Damage 15
Suppression N/A
DPS 45
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