Cryo Sat
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Function Support Power
Brief An orbiting satellite bombards a targeted position with a stream of liquid helium

The Allied epitome of Cryotechnology has become wildly envisioned as the T.H.R.O.N.E. C. S. N., or "Tempest Hemispheric Radial Operations Neutralizing Effort of Cryo Satellite Networks". The operation would become the second largest space project in history, after the Athena Sat Net, and would be divided into six independent control centres. Each would have two operational satellites at a time, providing support in one of the six continents: European Command at Braddock, Ireland; Pacific Command at Sydney, Australia; Asian Command at Mumbai, India; North American Command at Raven Rock, United States of America; South American Command at Brasília, Brazil; and African Command at Johannesburg, South Africa. One command satellite supports each pair, as well as two along the poles to provide the necessary support. Each command has their satellites in low earth orbit, operating in a symmetrical formation 2,000 km above sea level.

The Cryo Satellite is revolutionary in the fact that it is able to launch a steady stream of specialized reentry capsules designed to release a set amount of chemicals after entering the atmosphere. Depending on the clearance of the commander who made the request, variable amounts of liquid helium may be released at higher or lower altitudes. The higher the altitude, the less of an effect the capsules will have. While at lower altitudes, where humidity and moisture are more relevant, the same action can receive far more effective results. The Cryo Sat network has proven to be invaluable to the Allies' goals; not only is it used as a peaceful deterrent to armed hostilities, but also as a celebrated method for ending forest fires.

Cryoshot A thin line of supercooled helium snakes down from orbit under the control of the player, allowing them to precisely freeze enemy units.
Cryoblast A thin line of supercooled helium snakes down from orbit under the control of the player, allowing them to precisely freeze enemy units.
60px Cryogeddon A thin line of supercooled helium snakes down from orbit under the control of the player, allowing them to precisely freeze enemy units.
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