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Confederate Revolutionaries
The Confederate Revolutionaries Logo
Playstyle Guerrilla Warfare
Faction Colour Yellow
Type Paradox Faction
Dev. Status 70% In-game

"Pick up the cry,
Hey now it's time for you and me,
Got a revolution, got to revolution"

- "Volunteers" by Jefferson Airplane, written to support the Confederates

The Confederate Revolutionaries, also known as the Confederates, the Rebels or simply the Rebs, is a new faction exclusive to Red Alert 3 Paradox; it was designed by Open sketchbook and Kerensky287. They feature underhanded abilities and stealth gameplay to promote guerrilla warfare tactics.

At a Glance[]

Faction Color Yellow.
Playstyle Guerrilla warfare.
Preferred Theatre of Operations Rough terrain.
Strengths Wide variety of ambush and delaying tactics, elite infantry, no tier system, very fast expansion, stealth focus.
Weaknesses Weak overall economy, locked build order, lack of heavy hitters, reliant on infantry in the early game.
Intended Players Players who like psychological tactics.


The Federalists[]

Confederate Revolutionaries Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations IconWar.png War
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries N/A
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union IconHostile.png Hostile
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun IconHostile.png Hostile
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon IconUnknown.png Unknown
ChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China IconHostile.png Hostile
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate IconPeace.png Peace
IconUnknown.png Unknown

"America First, America Only, America Forever!"

- Motto of the Confederate Revolutionaries

The Confederate Revolution has its roots in the Federalist Party of the United States, which originated in the early 1950s with then-Senator McCarthy. After the death of former President McCarthy in 1957, the Federalist party was left leaderless and lost out to the Democrats under President Kennedy. When Kennedy stepped down in 1964, this gave the Federalist party a new opportunity under a charismatic, strong-willed leader, Howard T. Ackerman.

Ackerman was a legend in his own time, whose patriotic, anti-communist rhetoric, strong sense of community spirit and enthusiasm took America by storm. Ackerman defeated his opponents, Republican Barry Goldwater and Democrat Lyndon Johnson, by an unprecedented landslide.

When war broke out, Ackerman seemed to be everywhere at once. He rallied the United States into the fight immediately; unlike in the previous world wars, America would be on the forefront against Soviet aggression. Under his leadership America was able to prop up the failing European powers against the single largest army ever assembled and it is generally agreed that without him, Britain would have fallen to the Red Army. Ackerman was said to have worked tirelessly, sleeping in the Oval Office most nights so he could be beside the phones if an important message came through. He poured his heart and soul into ending the Red Menace once and for all.

The Madness[]

When the Empire of the Rising Sun entered the war in spectacular fashion, the American government initially wanted to ignore the threat, which they deemed as relatively minor, and continue the focus on the Soviet Union. This all ended when the Japanese made a surprise amphibious assault on the coast of California, bringing the war to America's doorstep. The war dragged on for two more years, Ackerman reluctant to divide his attention away from his hated foe. That was when the most devastating blow was struck against Ackerman; the Soviets were suing for peace.

The war was over.

Ackerman was devastated. Finally ridding the world of communism was his life's work and it had been snatched from him without warning or, in his mind, without reason. Ackerman unveiled his secret weapon in response; a giant Spectrum cannon that had been built into Mount Rushmore during its construction, a secret gift to future presidents from President McCarthy.

Planning to reflect the beam off a network of orbiting satellites and onto Moscow, Ackerman was foiled by Commander Warren Fuller, who personally shot the President when he attempted to pull a strange bladed weapon on the peacekeepers arresting him. After his death, the Allied forces took control of the government, and, rather than allow a potential security breach, put their own candidate in government as interim president.

The Revolution[]

Confederate Revolutionaries Minor Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconNeutral.png Neutral
ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists IconWar.png War
BlueChinaLogoThumb.png National Revolutionary Army IconHostile.png Hostile
VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietcong IconHostile.png Hostile
RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China IconHostile.png Hostile
GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army IconHostile.png Hostile
IntIncLogoThumb.png International Inc IconNeutral.png Neutral
IconUnknown.png Unknown

"We'll all come up from Dixie! Oo-ray! Oo-ray!

Each Allied boy must understand that they can't cross good Uncle Sam!

Away! Away! We'll all come up from Dixie!"

- One of the many catchy rallying songs of the Confederate Revolutionaries.

The Allies had underestimated the huge support base the Federalist party, and Ackerman himself, possessed when they took control of the government. Unlike Europe, fresh from Soviet control and willing to take any measures to ensure security, America would not tolerate a leader appointed by foreign powers over their own elected representatives.

The federalist headquarters in Dallas, Texas became the focus point of a new movement to take the country back, by force if necessary. Taking up the identity of American rebels throughout history, the Confederate Revolution descended upon Washington DC just in time for Independence Day, striking without warning. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Future[]

Despite rejection by the appropriate authorities, many Ranger Scout cars have been spotted in Europe. These rumors could be the result of an antique car fan club, or secret invasion. The seizure of Mastiff tanks and Beagles with UK flags painted on the sides has also been denied by the highest Allied authorities. Reporters also making claims of minor skirmishes in the Soviet Union have strangely disappeared, though whether the Confederates were involved at all is suspect.

Whether the Confederates will risk an open war on the Allies is unknown, but one thing is sure- their guns are cocked and men ready.

Development Progress[]

The Confederates are part of the first release of Red Alert 3 Paradox, coming out in the same package as the Allied faction. They have a total of 11 buildings, 10 defense structures, 9 fake buildings and 44 units (9 infantry, 10 combat vehicles, 9 non-combat vehicles, 2 construction vehicles, 6 aircraft, 8 watercraft).

Tech Tree[]


Units and Structures[]

"Almost every nation claims to be for the people – to protect them, enable them, shield them from the dangers of the world. Yet really, once you come down to it...can anyone really comprehend the idea of “the people”? Not just a faceless mass of humans, statistics to be recorded down, things to be counted as resources when it comes to warfare and used or protected as needed...millions, billions of individuals with their own wants, their own fears, their own dreams. If those millions of people, each one individually decided to fight for something, against something as individuals for individuals... think how glorious and amazing their army would be."

- Editor Penny Whitehaven of the Wisconsin Print


Construction Yard The Construction Yard allows the construction of 'Dozers and Construction Trucks. It also builds all secondary structures.
Power Plant Similar in most respect to the Allied Power Plant. It is slightly tougher thanks to more robust building materials. You can build Camo Netting around it to hide it from view.
Tent Barracks Trains infantry. It has a special ability that allows Infantry to garrison and leave at any other barracks around the map.
Refinery Identical to the Refineries of other factions.
Vehicle Warehouse Constructs combat vehicles.
Service Pad Repairs any nearby vehicles, and constructs non-combat vehicles.
Airpad Supports a single helicopter or attack airplane, and allows their construction.
Shipyard Builds naval units.
Radar Dome Your Tech Building, it reveals a large area around it when constructed, and allows you to reveal small areas of the map.
PAWI Array The defensive superweapon, the jury-rigged PAWI Array renders a group of units invisible for a period of time.
IconConfedsJackhammer.png Resonance Jackhammer This Offensive Superweapon is adapted from oil rigs, the Resonance Jackhammer shatters enemies with a pulse of seismic energy. Infantry and aircraft are immune, but the weapon does extra damage against sea-based units and structures.


Sandbag Wall Masses of sandbags placed to absorb enemy fire off of your soldiers and structures.
Concrete Wall The classic concrete wall, it functions identically to other walls.
Security Gate The Confederate gate opens opportunities for a secure base exit point.
Camo Pillbox This concrete bunker is equipped with three machine-guns, each of which fires in its own 120 degree arc at enemy units. This defence passively disguises itself using elements from the surrounding terrain.
Turret A tank turret on a concrete frame, the Turret is highly resistant to damage and is effective against vehicles of all types. This defence passively disguises itself using elements from the surrounding terrain.
Quad Gun Four rapid-fire cannons on a rotating base, the Quad Gun is great against enemy air and can also suppress infantry and slow vehicles with sheer weight of fire. This defence passively disguises itself using elements from the surrounding terrain.
Launch Rail These simple turrets launch fighter jets for AA duty. This defense passively disguises itself using elements from the surrounding terrain.
PAWI Tower Using its ability to paint out objects from it's surroundings, turning the PAWI tower on makes it and all friendly units completely invisible to the enemy. Despite it's massive power draw it is one of the most effective tools in the Confederate arsenal.
Ack-Ack Gun Carriage A deadly, high-powered 8.8 cm gun on a gun carriage, the Ack-Ack Gun Carriage is the most flexible strategic artillery piece on the field. Within its 90 degree arc, it can fire a barrage of long-ranged shells. However, unlike most artillery pieces, it can also be pressed into anti-air or anti-tank duties and can deploy minefields at great range. Like most strategic artillery, it has extremely low armour.
IconPumpjackTower-1-.png Pumpjack Tower A turret containing a powerful resonance hammer, the Pumpjack lays dormant until activated, then stuns everything in a massive radius.

Fake Buildings[]

Fake buildings are buildings created by the Construction Truck capable of imitating other buildings in the manner of the Spy, but by activating their special ability the disguise disappears and the units' function occurs. They are cheap and quick to build, so use 'em to throw the enemy off track. Fake Buildings have no sight radius.

Decoy Structure No special function at all, the Decoy Structure is simply very cheap, and can be used to make whole fake bases in seconds.
Small Bomb These buildings explode with the force of an Allied Time Bomb when activated or destroyed.
Medium Bomb These buildings explode with the force of a Level 2 Time Bomb when activated or destroyed.
Large Bomb These buildings explode with the force of a Level 3 Time Bomb when activated or destroyed.
Jammer Array When activated, all enemy vehicles in a very large radius are stunned. Great for starting the ambush.
Observation Post No secondary function, the Observation Post has a sight range, unlike other fake buildings.
IconRebs.png Trigger Node Trigger Nodes are designed to destroy (and therefore set off) all Bomb-related fake buildings in a radius, allowing them all to be detonated at the same time!


(Yes, the icons are placeholders)

Guard Dog Much like the Allied Attack Dog, the Guard Dog is faster, but has lower health. Being a huge doberman, the Guard Dog is understandably a menacing beast; enemy animal scouts can be stunned by its Dominance power, which lasts for several seconds and confers an immunity to stunning for a short period.
Minuteman The best and most expensive standard infantry in the game, Minutemen are armed with a rifle, grenades and a surface to air missile launcher. As light infantry, they are flexible and run much faster than most, and their weapons are very powerful against both infantry and aircraft, but they are underarmoured for their cost and vulnerable to vehicles.
Amazon Warrior The go-to infantry for destroying vehicles and structures, Amazons are armed with an array of short ranged weapons and a smoldering hatred for the patriarchy. They can switch between pump action grenade launchers and demolition charges with their secondary, and also carry studded baseball bats as a backup anti-infantry weapon.
Mortar Infantry Armed with a homemade mortar that can lay down artillery barrages that will wreck light vehicles and clear out garrisons, the Mortar Infantry also has the secondary ability to fire a targeted flare that uncovers the fog-of-war. When garrisoned, Mortar Infantry will use heavy revolvers instead of their mortars.
Marksman Armed with a hunting rifle, Marksmen can pick off individuals at long range and suppress nearby infantry. As a targeted ability, they may use an anti tank rifle to disable vehicles, making them easy prey.
Mechanic More expensive than regular engineers, Mechanics have a useful array of skills in addition to all the standard abilities of an engineer. They can repair vehicles in a small radius, plant hidden claymore mines via secondary, and are fully capable of defending themselves with break action shotguns.
Thief Unarmed infiltrators who are cloaked thanks to their optical camouflage, Thieves can tap into the systems of enemy structures and divert money to Confederate accounts, though this requires them to be in contact with the structure in question. Their secondary allows them to carjack enemy vehicles, though they can't use the vehicles as anything more than a disguise.
Delta Ranger Amphibious infiltrators, Delta Rangers are experts in stealth. Capable of switching between a silenced pistol and a combat knife, they are viciously effective against infantry, though they are defenceless against vehicles.
Tunnel Rat With their personal drilling kits and demolition charges, Tunnel Rats can tunnel into enemy bases and rig explosive charges to buildings before escaping through another tunnel, though it will usually take more than one charge to bring a building down. For self defence, they are armed with an anti-infantry carbine, and may also plant their charges on vehicles.
IconConfedsTempDixie.png Dixie Armed with a submachine gun and a satchel of dynamite, Dixie is the Confederate commando, lethal against infantry and buildings at mid-range. She is capable of repairing large amounts of damage on friendly vehicles in seconds. Dixie's secondary ability attaches a bomb and remote-control mechanism to an enemy tank, allowing you to steer it into their forces for maximum damage!

Combat Vehicles[]

(Constructed at the Vehicle Warehouse)

Ranger Scout Car A quick and nimble scout car with a machine gun capable of engaging infantry or helicopters, the Ranger has a very small amount of health and is vulnerable to all weapons, but is very fast and can deploy scanner mines.
Sub-Unit Scanner Mine : Small immobile mines, default mode is visible, and acts as a scout, watching the terrain in a large radius. Secondary mode is as an invisible, reusable mine that becomes uncloaked as it pounds the ground around it in a seismic attack that stuns infantry and damages vehicles.
Dustrunner Buggy An extremely speedy, armourless buggy with a fragmentation grenade launcher, the Dustrunner excels at suppressing enemy infantry, destroying non-combat vehicles, and taking out unguarded expansions. True to it's name, it can kick up vast quantities of dust and dirt, obscuring itself and units nearby to allow for a quick escape.
Beagle Light Tank An amphibious light tank with unmatched speed and a rapid-fire 30mm autocannon, the Beagle is a highly effective flanker and light vehicle hunter. Its secondary ability aims the Beagle's cannon at an enemy vehicle's treads, disabling them momentarily.
Mastiff Medium Tank The Mastiff was the mainstay Allied tank throughout the 50s and is even now an effective combatant. It has an 105mm gun that does decent anti-building and anti-tank damage. As a secondary, the Mastiff charges at the target location, drastically increasing speed, rate of fire, and weapon resistance for a short period of time.
Jackson APC A tough as nails amphibious transport for six infantry, this APC is a useful vehicle because of its impressive resistance to damage and the ability to knock down enemy walls. It is unarmed, but capable of knocking back infantry. When those inside disembark, the Jackson temporarily buffs all nearby infantry.
Lee AA Half-Track A half-track mounting quad autocannons capable of swatting planes from the sky, the Lee is also capable of attacking ground targets. Special ability releases balloon mines high into the sky, hindering enemy aerial movements. This unit is stealthed when not moving.
Bulldog Tank Destroyer Powerful tank destroyer designed for anti-vehicle use. As a special ability, it can fire a shot that travels through enemy armoured units. This unit is stealthed when not moving.
M100 Artillery Track A powerful heavy vehicle, the M100 can hit targets from long range, killing buildings and infantry with a large splash radius. Secondary ability is a target-able "supershell" that flattens most anything and leaves a deep crater that slows movement. It has little health and has a large minimum range. It is also very, very slow.
IconConfedsSidewinder.png Sidewinder Burrow Tank This strange vehicle is armed with a pair of high-powered wind turbines that send infantry flying, knock down buildings and pull aircraft from the sky. However it is not nearly as effective against vehicles. The secondary ability activates the front-mounted drill, allowing the vehicle to burrow under any terrain a fair distance, emerge and attack. Any unit above the Sidewinder when it emerges tends to take very heavy damage.

Non-Combat Vehicles[]

(constructed at the Service Pad)

Transport Truck The Confederate ore collector, the Transport Truck is highly flexible and can fulfil multiple roles. Aside from collecting ore, it can also transport up to 6 infantry, boost the ROF of friendly artillery pieces, and even salvage vehicle wrecks for resources. The drawback to all this is that it has only half the ore load of a regular collector.
Weasel Utility Tank This light unit is armed with an 6-gauge automatic shotgun for anti-infantry work and a small mortar for long-range attacks. Place a Mechanic inside to convert it to a Armoured Recovery Vehicle, which can rapidly repair your own vehicles.
Ambulance This light noncombatant will not be fired upon by enemy units unless targeted by the other player. It can drop small Aid Packs which heal all unit types, though these packs don't discriminate between friend and foe.
Minelayer An amphibious vehicle that places down clusters of mines. Mines are layed in clusters, with a short recharge time. The minelayer is also very well armoured and is immune to explosive-type damage from mines, demo charges, exploding enemies, and some artillery.
Jammer Truck A radar scrambling amphibious vehicle that can jam the weapons of the target. It can also jam the weapons of all vehicles in a large radius around it, friend or foe.
PAWI Truck The Projected Alternate Worlds Imager confers a stealth effect on all units in a radius around this truck when it is stationary, while it's secondary effect generates self-sustaining holograms that can take the appearance of any unit.
Demo Truck This amphibious truck places a high explosive charge onto the target, which can then be remotely detonated. These bombs go off with frightful force, destroying anything in the radius. Bombs can be placed on the ground or sea, onto Confederate fake buildings, enemy structures and units, Remote Cars, tech or civilian structures, and pretty much anything else not a living unit on your side. If the demo truck is destroyed, it explodes with frightful force.
Remote Car A very cheap, amphibious remote controlled toy car, the Remote Car cannot reveal enemy territory. It's nailbomb is highly effective against groups of infantry. Also serves as a good delivery system for the Demo Truck's bombs. Stealted while stationary.
IconConfedsMCV.png MCV The Confederate MCV is radar invisible and much faster than other MCVs, but has less health. Boasts considerable run-away potential. It cannot crush vehicles.

Construction Vehicles[]

(Produced at Construction Yard)

Dozer This amphibious bulldozer can be used to construct buildings. The 'Dozer can be used offensively due to it's ability to crush infantry and collapse enemy walls.
Construction Truck A fast-moving amphibious vehicle that projects a small build radius and offers the ability to create fake buildings which are visually identical to regular buildings but are packed with high explosives that are triggered when the building is destroyed. When deployed the truck looks like a Dozer.


Sparrow Scout Helicopter This useful light vehicle is armed with a weapon spoofing system which shuts down the offensive functions of enemy vehicles in a small radius, but is fired as a pulse instead of a beam, limiting the lifespan of the effect. Its secondary fire, Radar Pulse, gives a long range radar pulse that can show you a great deal of the field (several screens) but reveals its location to the enemy.
Hawker Jumpjet Slower and less nimble than most fighters, and with a long lock-on time, the Hawker can rotate to face enemy fighters whizzing around them, making it easier for it to acquire a lock and loose off its payload of six heat seeking missiles. Its secondary drops it to the ground and engages the active camouflage system. When the Hawker leaves this mode, they get a rate of fire boost and quick lock-on, which can devastate unprepared aircraft.
Duster Bomber An ancient propeller plane, the Duster is armed with powerful whirlwind bombs, which kill infantry and vehicles by creating tornadoes. Slow but heavily armoured, the Duster can land and reload on any area of flat ground as its secondary function. The Duster is capable of landing in water.
Bluejay Transport A simple gunship, the Bluejay carries four soldiers who can shoot out the sides at targets on the ground. It can also carry a limited array of lighter vehicles.
Longbow Helicopter MK I A highly effective tank hunter, the Longbow can switch between a loadout of six short ranged anti-tank rockets or an anti-infantry chaingun at the Airpad. Uniquely, it is the only aircraft that can hide under a PAWI field.
IconConfedsSuperfortress.png Skyfortress A WWII heavy bomber, the Skyfortress can switch between seismic bombs devastating against buildings and napalm bombs effective against everything else at the Airpad. For protection, it also sports a pair of heavy machine guns that can help to keep away fighters.


Patrol Boat This simple craft is basically a floating machine gun, capable of engaging air targets. It may also plant sea mines to block enemy units.
Torpedo Boat A light attack boat with a deck gun, the Torpedo Boat can also fire off long ranged torpedoes with its secondary.
Razor Sub A simple ballistic submarine, the Razor Sub is armed with drill torpedoes that do damage over time to enemy watercraft. For shore targets, the Razor Sub can switch to its drill bombs, which can be fired onto land, controlled to go to a certain position, then drill upwards into a unit or structure.
Turtle Mini-Sub Capable of attaching itself to enemy or friendly vessels, this mini-sub can place an explosive charge on enemy vessels once attached to them. It has very little health, so if it is forced to surface it will be easily destroyed.
Destroyer A flexible staple of the Confederate Navy, the Destroyer is armed with a deck gun and depth charges for engaging naval targets. Its secondary is to fire a special waterspout shell, which creates a vortex that draws ships into it and disables them.
Frigate Equipped with missiles and a medium calibre anti-air cannon, the Frigate dominates the skies. Its secondary deploys the Pelican, which drops oil drums on the target area. If attacked, these drums violently explode, heavily damaging everything in a radius.
Cruiser A heavy ship nearly on par with the Shogun, the Cruiser has four powerful naval guns, which can switch between direct fire and indirect fire modes.
IconConfedsOmnilander.png Omni-Lander A bizarre square vehicle with omnidirectional landing ramps, the Omni-Lander can carry five tanks of any kind. It is unarmed and slow, but heavily armoured.


The Confederates have access to protocols through their structures. When built, a structure may grant access to one or more protocols. Some of these protocols can be upgraded. Upgrades are free, but take a very long time to complete.

Power Plant[]

Decoy Drop A quick-recharging fake flare drops from the sky, confusing your enemy.
Hot Feet Strews caltrops are planted in the way of unsuspecting infantry, who suffer damage when walking over them and also get slowed down. Upgradeable.

Tent Barracks[]

Rebel Yell Increases the speed and damage of infantry under a radius, and makes them immune to suppression, but prevents them from taking cover. Upgradeable.
Always Ready, Always There From a nearby friendly-occupied civilian structure, a small patrol of Minutemen emerges. Upgradeable.

Service Pad[]

Minedrop Capable of laying down a highly visible minefield between two points, dropped by a JU-41 Transport. Upgradeable.
Air Raid Measures A small number of barrage balloons are tethered across a wide area in a simple pattern. Any aircraft which flies into one of the thick cables holding up the balloon will find itself rapidly falling to earth as the tungsten wires slice apart their wings and structure. A barrage balloon is multi-use, but will eventually degrade. Though invisible to aircraft, ground units can easily detect and sever the cables, causing the balloon to float away harmlessly.

Vehicle Warehouse[]

Subterranean Ambush Tunnel Rats suddenly make their presence known on the field, at higher levels supported by a Sidewinder. This ambush can throw aside enemy forces they emerge beneath with its force. Upgradeable.
Beatdown Designate a small group of ground vehicles as targets of the Beatdown. While under the effect, they have reduced damage, making them easy prey for your armoured legions. For added hilarity, the other player has no way of knowing a unit is under the effect if they fail to see the original marking. Upgradeable.


Radar Dome[]

Radar Scan Briefly reveals an area of the field. Upgradeable.
Sabotage A little sugar in the gas tank goes a long way. A single vehicle stutters and fails, hopefully at an inopportune time. Upgradeable.


Dive Bombing Rascal Dive Bombers swoop in, attacking any exposed targets with bombs. Upgradeable.

PAWI Array[]

Sensory Deprivation Targetted on an area, any stealth detectors affected temporarily lose their stealth detecting properties. Useful for sneaking past defenses or preventing a base from being spotted.

Resonance Jackhammer[]

Seismograph Sabotage Activating this ability sens out a fake EVA warning about an activated Resonance Jackhammer to confuse your enemies.


Remember how RA1 used to feel? Well, the Confederates are known for using old Allied technology from the original Red Alert games, thus most of their units have a rusted, gritty feel to them.

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