Confederate Protocols are acquired automatically after a structure is completed. Upgrades are free, but have long build times, and are "built" from the structure that generates them.

Power Plant Edit

Decoy Drop A quick-recharging fake flare drops from the sky, confusing your enemy.
Hot Feet Strews caltrops are planted in the way of unsuspecting infantry, who suffer damage when walking over them and also get slowed down. Upgradeable.

Tent Barracks Edit

Rebel Yell Increases the speed and damage of infantry under a radius, and makes them immune to suppression, but prevents them from taking cover. Upgradeable.
Always Ready, Always There From a nearby friendly-occupied civilian structure, a small patrol of Minutemen emerges. Upgradeable.

Service Pad Edit

Minedrop Capable of laying down a highly visible minefield between two points, dropped by a JU-41 Transport. Upgradeable.
Air Raid Measures A small number of barrage balloons are tethered across a wide area in a simple pattern. Any aircraft which flies into one of the thick cables holding up the balloon will find itself rapidly falling to earth as the tungsten wires slice apart their wings and structure. A barrage balloon is multi-use, but will eventually degrade. Though invisible to aircraft, ground units can easily detect and sever the cables, causing the balloon to float away harmlessly.

Vehicle Warehouse Edit

Subterranean Ambush Tunnel Rats suddenly make their presence known on the field, at higher levels supported by a Sidewinder. This ambush can throw aside enemy forces they emerge beneath with its force. Upgradeable.
Beatdown Designate a small group of ground vehicles as targets of the Beatdown. While under the effect, they have reduced damage, making them easy prey for your armoured legions. For added hilarity, the other player has no way of knowing a unit is under the effect if they fail to see the original marking. Upgradeable.

Shipyard Edit

Radar Dome Edit

Radar Scan Briefly reveals an area of the field. Upgradeable.
Sabotage A little sugar in the gas tank goes a long way. A single vehicle stutters and fails, hopefully at an inopportune time. Upgradeable.

Airpad Edit

Dive Bombing Rascal Dive Bombers swoop in, attacking any exposed targets with bombs. Upgradeable.

PAWI Array Edit

Sensory Deprivation Targetted on an area, any stealth detectors affected temporarily lose their stealth detecting properties. Useful for sneaking past defenses or preventing a base from being spotted.

Resonance Jackhammer Edit

Seismograph Sabotage Activating this ability sens out a fake EVA warning about an activated Resonance Jackhammer to confuse your enemies.

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