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Function Debuffing Power
Brief Chronotechnology is used to create an area where time flows slower than normal. This slows a group of units down considerably, but also reduces the damage they take.

The uses of Chronotechnology are myriad, and simply moving men and material from one point on the battlefield to another is just one of (perhaps the most simple in fact) of these uses.

The shifting in one area's relative flow of time via a Planck Compressor device is one of Chronotechnology's more subtle uses; the Planck Compressor can cause a small bubble of space to experience time at a slower rate than the rest of the world (appearing to move super fast from the outside) and vice versa. However, while a Planck Compressor in the field must be relatively close to the area where the space-bubble is to be created, the field itself could be projected much longer distances with enough power and a large enough space/time manipulation device.

Allied Experimental Workshops with the necessary equipment can selectively induce a redshift field on a targeted area when the order goes out; By redshifting enemies, they can be slowed down and rendered to a near standstill. With enough computing power, an Experimental Workshop can fine-tune the redshift field, selectively slowing enemies and the air in a small area around Allied units. This allows the Allies to act at normal speed, while slowing enemies and rendering the enemy's weapons less effective.

Temporal Clockstop Units within the 150 unit radius are slowed to 50% speed and take 50% damage from all attacks for 10 seconds seconds. Well, 20 seconds, for them.
Temporal Lockdown At this rank, the slowdown is increased to 75%. Damage reduction is unchanged for enemy units but goes to 75% for your own units.
60px Temporal Stasis Units under the effect move almost at a standstill, reduced by 90%. Damage reduction for friendly units goes up to 90% as well.
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