The Cavalryman, alongside the Ezekiel's Wheel and the Scorpion
Minor Faction BlackHandLogoThumb Cult of the Black Hand
Other Faction(s) None
Unit Type Bike
Designation Anti Tank/Anti Infantry
Production Building Cult Shrine
Secondary Ability Demo Charge
Anti Tank Attack
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Demonic Possession
• Afterburn
• Debuffs target
Dev. Status Textured
Country of Origin  Yugoslaviathumb Yugoslavia
Produced by/
Recovered from
 Temples of the Black Hand
Key Features  » Assortment of deadly melee weapons
 » Helmet (painted black)
 » Dark red windshield
 » Satchel w/ demolition charges
 » Unusual paint job

"Hotel India Tango. India Tango."

- Soviet Numbers Station Broadcast, just before Cavalrymen attacked

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Combat Cycle: Cult affiliated bikers capable of speedily covering terrain, Cavalrymen are armed with deadly melee weapons that allow them participate in deadly melee combat at close range.
  • Satchel Surprise: While their melee weapons are probably not the best tool for blunting the armour of a tank, Cavalrymen carry explosive satchel charges specifically for that purpose, and are adept at using them to create gaping holes in armour plating.
  • A bike by any other name: Cavalrymen, at the end of the day, are just men riding bikes, and for all their chains and blades, they cannot strike at aircraft, and have next to no armour.
  • Ghost Rider: Some Cavalrymen have been rumoured to have been afflicted with demonic possession, a claim helped by reports of Cavalrymen wielding flaming scythes and appearing to be on fire. Such a sight tends to demoralise whatever victim they are throttling towards.


Biker gangs. The Hell’s Angels, the Outlaws; everyone, from the Syndicate to the Allies, know about them. Ask any citizen in an Allied country what their opinion on them is and you’ll get something along the lines of troublemakers or menaces to society. Ask an Allied official and you’ll get a bunch of dangerous anarchists. The Syndicate views them as simply another type of gang vying for the top, albeit a very destructive type of gang.

It’s these traits of destruction and chaos the Black Hand look for. They send them invitations typically with the promise of joining a bigger and better gang with more property to destroy and gang wars to fight. To the Black Hand’s surprise, most of the men and women didn’t need to be indoctrinated or coerced in any way. They were crazy enough they didn’t care as long as they got to break stuff (and people). All the Cult had to do was get them a new bike and weapons and set them loose on the battlefield or wherever chaos needed to happen.

To aid in their missions the Cult armed them with weapons for scaring their enemies: large bladed weapons swung by the drivers. The cavalrymen are told to drive into enemy infantry squads and cut them to ribbons, a tactic that works surprisingly well. To make sure they don't get completely overtaken by enemy vehicles, all drivers are given sticky anti-tank demolition charges. Drivers typically employ them by slapping them onto the armour of a tank and then speeding away as fast as they can. If they don't make it... there's always plenty more fish in the crazy sea.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The Cavalryman is loosely based off the Nod Attack Bike.
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