Catalyst Missile
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Attack Power
Brief A missile with a special agent hits the area where Desolator Defoilant should be spread, accelerating the reactions of Desolator Defoliant and causing an explosion.

Super Reactor byproducts have a myriad of uses, none of which are good for a human being's health. Properly distilled and mixed, they form a key ingredient in the deadly Desolator Defoliant, a compound that can kill organic life in one of the most horrific ways imaginable, and do so in a matter of seconds. It should be noted, though, that while the substance's acidity can eat away at even steel armour, Desolator Defoilant is still somewhat ineffective against tanks, and is often rendered inert by chemicals in the enviroment before it can make any headway on concrete structures.

However, Soviet experiments with the substance have revealed several interesting properties. While Desolator Defoilant is usually non-flammable (its creator once tried to have it used as a fire-fighting agent), a certain mixture of highly basic chemicals could not only ignite the chemical but cause it to explode violently. The nature of the new chemical was that of a catalyst; it accelerated the reaction of Desolator Defoliant and the surrounding environment, resulting in a explosion.

The Soviet quickly weaponised the catalyst. Because most Commanders turned down the idea of all Desloator airstrikes bearing a secondary capsule of catalyst for various tactical purposes, the Soviets instead outfitted stockpiles of V3 missiles with catalyst warheads, using them as a delivery system.

Catalyst Missile Fires a missile that causes any Desolator Defoilant in the area it hits to explode violently.
Catalyst Cluster Missile Fires two missiles that causes any Desolator Defoilant in the area they hits to explode violently.
60px Catalyst Missile Barrage Fires three missiles that causes any Desolator Defoilant in the area they hits to explode violently.
Soviet Union Red Army

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