The Canon of Red Alert 3 Paradox is very rich and deep, as can be demonstrated by the Lore. In an effort to keep all our facts straight about the 'verse and to avoid as many contradictions as possible, this page serves as a reference point for canonical information.

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TimeLines Timeline from Red Alert 1 up to the Paradox timeline.

Timeline Edit

Year/Month Wars/World Events Detailed Information
1169 The Order of the Talon is created. Six decades after Pope Urban II sends a secret league of his finest warriors to end an evil cult in Anatolia, resulting in the First Crusade, the Order was founded in the 12th century to get finally rid of them.
1914 World War I begins. The Order of the Talon fights on both sides of the battlefield, as the war was working against them.
1918 World War I ends. The First World War ends, the Triple Entente of Nations emerging victorious. A short era of (false) prosperity and technological advancement begins.
1920s The Arms Dealer. Andrei Orlov, a small criminal, starts supplying gangs in Moscow with weapons. Almost 5 decades later he leads the biggest independent arms manufacturer in the world, International Inc.
1927, October Einstein is removed from the timeline. As a result of Dr. Gregor Zelinsky's time machine, prominent Soviet military personnel - Anatoly Cherdenko and Nikolai Krukov - were able to go back in time and change history by removing Einstein from the timeline.
1929, November Founding of the Mediterranean Syndicate. The shadowy character, Romulus, begins his enterprise shortly after the Great Depression.
Early 1930s The Chinese Civil War begins. The bloody civil war begins, which lasts for more than 3 decades and devastates China.
1948 Fullfilled Talon prophecy. Ladia Maria is discovered by the Order of the Talon at a very young age.
1949, April The Second World War (WWII) begins. This marks the start of Red Alert 1.
1950 Treaty of Geneva. The Allied Nations are formed to fight together against Soviet aggression.
Mid 1950s Contract with FutureTech. Early versions of FutureTech's technology come into use. However, their biggest project, the Chronosphere, fails due to Soviet intervention.
1955, December WWII comes to a close. End of the war with the Allies proposing a ceasefire. Neither faction gained anything, 20 million people died. The official end date of the war was December 25, 1955. (This marks the end of Red Alert 1, albeit changed slightly.)
1962 Vietnam War begins. In Vietnam a civil war breaks out, supported by both the Allies and the Soviets, as well as befriended parties.
1965 WWIII begins, Cherdenko becomes Premier of the Soviet Union. Without the knowledge of the other two participants, Cherdenko spent nearly four years in the time stream, setting up his own promotion to Premier upon Stalin's death.
1967 Red Alert 3's storyline begins. The Empire of the Rising Sun joins the ongoing conflict. Little known to anyone else, Premier Cherdenko is actually a time traveler from an alternate 1976, (that's Red Alert 2) who fled with two others to avoid the mistakes of the Soviet Union. Mere minutes before Japan declares war, Cherdenko brags to his fellow time travelers of the victorious Red Army.
1968, January Meteor Crash. A giant green rock from space hits China. A year later, both major parties involved in the war fire extremely potent weaponry at each other, annihilating each other in the process.
1968, October The Empire of the Rising Sun pulls out of Europe. Red Alert 3 canon is altered here. A ceasefire is negotiated between the Allies and the Empire of the Rising Sun, which ends all military operations. This is primarily due to the death of Emperor Yoshiro and Prince Tatsu.
1968, December Death of President Ackerman. United States President Howard Ackerman is assassinated by Commander Warren Fuller for attempting to level Moscow. Vice-President Hoffhassle takes his seat.
1969, January WWIII comes to a stalemate. Red Alert 3 canon is altered here. Instead of an Allied victory, the Soviets are only pushed back to Berlin in Germany, both parties effectively halting military activity.
1969, May President Hoffhassle. After arresting President Hoffhassle, Allied high command appoints a new President of the United States.
1969, June Contact. Jacob makes first contact with the Electrical Protectorate.
1969, July Invasion of Washington D.C. The Confederate Revolutionaries begin a full-scale invasion of the Capitol of the United States. The Red Alert 3 Paradox storyline begins here with the Second American Civil War.

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