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Cannon Turret
Faction TalonLogoThumb Order of the Talon
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti-Ground
Constructs None
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Spainthumb Spain
Forged by  Unknown
Key Features  » Six pounder gun
 » Supply of shells
 » Steam powered autoloader
 » Rotating clockwork base
 » Gunsights (with range markings)

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • The Saint-Maker: The bursting shells of the Cannon Turret make it highly effective against light vehicles, and infantry are vulnerable to the fragments.
  • Armoured Threats: However, the shells are only moderately effective against tanks, due to their thick armour. Cannon Turrets are still the best defence for dealing with such threats early on, though.
  • Assembly Required: Like all other Talon defences, the Cannon Turret is built mobile, and must be deployed before it can be used.
  • A Problem With The Heavens: Cannon Turrets cannot target aircraft, leaving them vulnerable to airstrikes. To defend against such threats requires the aid of other defences and units.

Operational HistoryEdit

Nicknamed "The Saint-Maker" by some of its more snarky gunners because of its ability to "Cannon-ize" those who come near, the Talon's Cannon Turret is among the most basic field fortifications a Talon Crawler Cell can deploy when it hits the field.

The Cannon Turret is fairly unremarkable, consisting of little more than a six pounder gun on a rotating clockwork base. However, the Cannon Turret takes advantage of the same system employed by all other Talon field fortifications that allows them to move to their locations before setting up.

The system is far, far cruder than what the Japanese use in their Nanocores, but it is just as effective. Each Cannon Turret is made up of several broken down components, all bundled up into a vehicle that allows it to move around. When the time comes to deploy, these components can be quickly assembled into a functioning Cannon Turret by the trained Craftsmen who drive the vehicle; several parts from the vehicle are repurposed; for example, the steam engine that powers the vehicle is used instead to power the cannon's autoloader.

The one disadvantage of the system is that the Cannon Turret cannot be quickly disassembled; with the vehicle cannibalised in its setting up, packing up and moving off again is not a possibility. However, the Talon have embraced this system for the advantages that it provides, allowing them to set up fortified positions far from the Crawler.

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