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Faction VietcongLogoThumb Vietcong
Function Stealth Power
Brief Stealths units and structures for 6 minutes.

With the Vietcong's reliance on irregular warfare, anything that can delay the enemy from firing at them, even for a second, is absolutely essential. One of the most widespread tactics are camo-netting. Giving anything it covers up the appearance of vegetation (making it even harder to pick out against the heavy Vietnamese jungles) makes them harder to spot by sight. As well as this, it can be easily set up and used virtually anywhere, making it useful for an army on the move.

Camo-netting can be manufactured incredibly cheaply and easily: simply using nets with leaves, vegetation and rags threaded through it can produce enough for the Vietcong's purposes. It is capable of concealing both structures and units from ARVN patrols, until the Vietcong decide to strike. This has made it a nightmare for the ARVN, and has allowed the Vietcong to win many battles that they would otherwise have had no chance in. Unfortunately for the Vietcong, because of the cheaply-made netting, it will only last a few hours before it breaks down and requires replacement.

Camo-Netting Deploys some camo-netting onto the field, stealthing units and structures around it, but only lasts for six minutes. Does not stealth defences, Command Bunkers or Tunnel Complexes. Recharges every two minutes.

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