Cadmus-class Escort Carrier
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Unit Type Capital Ship
Designation Anti-Air
Production Building Marina
Secondary Ability Deploy/Pack Up
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Colombiathumb Colombia
Shipped by  Paradiso Heavy Shipyards, Buenaventura
Key Features  » "Orion" combat jet-bikes (x3)
 » AURA point defence network
 » "Spartoi" unmanned combat air vehicles (x5)
 » "Thebes" launch platform
 » Reinforced twin hull w/ small waterplane area

"Navigare necesse est. Vivere non est necesse!" - "To sail is necessary. To live is not necessary!"

- Gnaeus Pompey Magnus


The Syndicate, being a conglomerate of various corporations, doesn't really have what one would call a proper navy. A large portion of the loosely organised "Syndicate armada" consists of little more than pirates bribed into service, their only strength being in numbers. The rest of this fleet is a jumbled collection of various ships, from privately owned (and heavily armed) merchant vessels to warships that officially belong to the navies of Syndicate-affiliated countries. These ships vary in shape, size and armament, from small, barely armed pirate boats to the comparatively huge "Cadmus"-class Escort Carriers, arguably the single most powerful element in the Syndicate armada.

Even the Cadmus Escort Carriers themselves are not true military vessels; these ships originally started out as civilian ships built for peaceful purposes. However, the exigencies of World War II saw the ships converted into escort carriers with minimal handling facilities for aircraft; while far less capable, these merchant aircraft carriers provided a valuable supplement to the Allies' own aircraft carriers, protecting their convoys from attackers and taking some of the strain off the overstretched Allied navies.

After the war, most of the merchant aircraft carriers were converted back to their original role. However, a few ships were not. These ships, rather than being converted back into merchant vessels, were instead bought up by Legion Security PMC, rich from contracts following the war. Retrofitted and upgraded with Syndicate technology, these ships became the Cadmus-class escort carriers. While paling in contrast to military aircraft carriers, these ships could nevertheless provide air support off their decks.

Since then, the Syndicate's Cadmus fleet has undergone several refits, the most recent of which has resulted in a complete overhaul of the Cadmus's systems. Just as the Allied Nations have embraced UCAV technology in the form of the Sky Knight, so has the Syndicate. The Cadmus is fully capable transporting and launching its complement of five "Spartoi" unmanned combat air vehicles from the "Thebes" launch platform, though the Cadmus must come to a complete stop before it can launch the drones, for various reasons. The "Spartois" are A.I. controlled vehicles armed with long ranged flechette missile pods, originally designed for the Von Esling-class but rejected for a number of reasons. In addition, the Cadmus has also been fitted to support three "Orion" jet-bikes, which mantain constant patrols around the ship, watching for potential hostiles.

Known ShipsEdit

  • MSS Tarquin
  • MSS Nero
  • MSS Caracalla
  • MSS Caligula

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Cadmus is an accepted suggestion by Renteria.

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