Minor Faction BlackHandLogoThumb Cult of the Black Hand
Other Faction(s) None
Unit Type Armoured Car
Designation Transport/Anti Infantry
Production Building Cult Shrine
Secondary Ability Disembark Passengers
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Poisoned Canisters
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Yugoslaviathumb Yugoslavia
Produced by/
Recovered from
 Temples of the Black Hand
Key Features  » Automatic canister gun (fires glass canisters)
 » Buggy chassis (imported from overseas)
 » Spring suspension (from a pickup truck)
 » Uncomfortable seats (taken from stolen car)
 » Supercharged engine (usually appears after prayer)

"The treachery of Father Verbiest lives on!"

- Saint Varitan, on hearing reports of skeletal vehicles attacking a Talon hospital.

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Let's go on a raid: Armed with an unusual gun that fires fragile glass canisters, the Buggy is a fast, distinctly skeletal vehicle. While not much use against armoured targets, the Buggy's canister gun can take out infantry and aircraft alike, making it one of the more flexible vehicles in the Cult's arsenal. Worse still their glass shards cut their way into the bloodstream of some unfortunate target, causing them to bleed out.
  • Hop on: Given that only two people are needed to operate a Buggy, there is usually room for two passengers. While it's a far cry from a limousine, it's much quicker for the infantry than just walking, and armed passengers can also fire out.
  • Armour? What armour?: While the light weight of its frame gives it a distinct advantage in speed, the frame obviously cannot stand up to enemy fire. Anything that can retaliate against the Buggy will have a good chance of defeating it.
  • Beyond the thunderdome: Some Buggy crews managed to somewhat and somehow electrify their vehicle's skeletal cage. Not only it increases its resistance to explosion weapons, it also stuns nearby enemy infantry and damages vehicles.

Operational HistoryEdit

In the hidden temples of the Cult of the Black Hand, the cultists spend much of their time preparing for the Messiah by expanding the influence of the Black Hand. One of the most common methods historically was the construction of a scout vehicle for personal use. The most popular design, currently at least, is the Buggy that serves as the Cult's primary combat vehicle alongside the adorned Scorpion Tank.

Along with the copious use of red, grey and black colours, the Buggy tends to be a light, flexible and distinctly skeletal vehicle. Originally, the Buggy was armed with a series of javelins, set with hollow heads filled with either hallucinogenic gases or explosives based on the enemy. However, as technology of the world moved forward, the Buggy has since been re-equipped with a canister gun firing fragile glass canisters that cut up infantry and pierce aircraft fuselages, damaging vital parts.

The Buggy epitomized the Cult of the Black Hand's hit-and-run tactics. Fast, agile, and next to useless against heavier units, Buggies were required to get in, make the attack, and get out again. In squads, it will destroy almost any unarmoured ground unit in matter of seconds. As well as being useful for taking out enemy aircraft. Buggies could lead armoured assaults, acting as scouts, paving the way for the better equipped Scorpion and Venom Tanks.

Their effectiveness in combat and method of construction have made them the most revered tools of the Cult. It is one thing to build a Buggy, but when you smite the unjust from the very skies, you learn of the true value of this marvellous weapon.

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