Republic of China (Blue China)
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Playstyle Defensive Fighting Position
Faction Colour Sky Blue
Type Paradox Minor-Faction
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Eight hundred heroic hearts beat as one, undaunted before the thousands of foes.
With mighty attack and stalwart resolve, arise, comrades, arise!
Answer the call to arms, follow the path of eight hundred heroes.
China is not dead. China will not die."

- "800 Heroes Song", written in commemoration of the defence of Shanghai against Communist attack.

The Blue Chinese, or the National Revolutionary Army, are a minor faction in the background of Paradox. They will be encountered in a single player mission, and their units and equipment may be found in skirmish maps.

Background Edit

"Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight."

- Sun Tzu
National Revolutionary Army Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations IconAlliance Alliance
ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries IconNeutral Neutral
SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union IconHostile Hostile
EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun IconHostile Hostile
TalonLogoThumb Order of the Talon IconUnknown Unknown
ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China IconWar War
SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate IconHostile Hostile
IconUnknown Unknown

To Topple a Dynasty Edit

The once-revered Qing dynasty in its last years began to show telltale signs of decline. A dynasty utterly resistant to the thought of opening up to foreign traders and promoting international trade, the Qings sheltered themselves from the outside world, under the reason of being contented with their own resources. But this still did not stop powers such as the Britain and Portugal, who weren't fine with their own unlike them. Facing two defeats over the opium wars and failing to stop the formation of Western ports, the dynasty's cracks were slowly exposed by uprisings such as Taiping, Nian, and Pingnan Guo where their Eight Banners had to rely on local Han soldiers due to their incompetence. Worse, even the Guangxu Emperor's attempt at modernization ended in failure, as a conservative coup led by Empress Dowager Cixi deposed her own puppet emperor and put him under house arrest.

Her rule became infamous to Chinese history using her power to accumulate vast quantities of wealth, driving China into near-bankruptcy. Anti-modernization and xenophobic attitudes held much sway over the court itself, as she kept Western demands for further trade concessions at arm's length and even threw her support with anti-foreign bands, letting them loose against Christian missionaries in what is now known as the Boxer Rebellion, prompting a Western invasion of Beijing and further expansion of their territory.

After Cixi's death in 1908, her nephew Puyi was proclaimed emperor at the young age of 3. However, as he grew up, it was clear that his royal upbringing was hardly conducive to the raising of a well-balanced child; when he discovered his absolute power he had over his own eunuchs, he had them frequently flogged for the most minute of transgressions. But even if that power went to his pre-pubescent head, it will inevitably not last long as the past, smaller uprisings gave rise to the Tongmenghui, a secret society that is also a merger of smaller revolutionary groups responsible for such uprisings. When further anti-Qing sentiment spread due to the dynasty's own mishandling of local railways, they launched the following Wuchuang Uprising that eventually forced the loyalists to make negotiations with the rebels after the decisive Battle of Yangxia. The negotiations led to Puyi having to abdicate from his throne, and the formation of a provisional government led by Sun Yat-sen (deemed hero of the Xinhai/Double Ten Revolution, named so because the uprising occurred on October 10), Li Yuanhong and Huang Xing.

The Three M's Edit

Entrenchment Campaign Edit

Warlord Kings Edit

National Revolutionary Army Minor Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
ARVNLogoThumb Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconNeutral Neutral
ReserveLogoThumb Allied Reservists IconAlliance Alliance
BlueChinaLogoThumb National Revolutionary Army N/A
VietcongLogoThumb Vietcong IconHostile Hostile
RedChinaLogoThumb Communist China IconWar War
GLALogoThumb Global Liberation Army IconNeutral Neutral
IntIncLogoThumb International Inc IconNeutral Neutral
IconUnknown Unknown


"I write this as the last testament of the KMT in the Eastern Zone of the Endless Trenches. The atomic fires have consumed the commander, and both the communists and my fellow nationalists have all died. I stare into a barren wasteland barely changed after the fire, and level my pistol to my head, and dream of the family I never had."

- Pvt. Bang Li, found carved onto a KMT Mastiff. Pvt. Li's body was not found.

Units Edit

Nationalist Nationalists are equipped with semi-automatic carbines good against infantry, as well as anti-personnel mines, which they can place down to create a minefield.
National Garrison Armed with anti-tank rifles and entrenching equipment, National Garrison forces can set up bunkers for themselves and 3 other infantry.
Whippet Half-Track An infantry transport armed with a machine gun that can fend off infantry or helicopters, the Whippet also projects a healing radius when still and can tow Nationalist artillery pieces.
Mastiff Medium Tank The Blue Chinese variant of the Mastiff tank replaces the turret machine gun with a grenade launcher that can clear out garrisons, and is equipped with fording equipment to cross water. It can use its trench dragger to score a length of trench in the ground behind it, which slows it greatly.
Bulldog Tank Destroyer This heavily upgunned Bulldog using an adapted 105mm field gun as a direct-fire weapon for maximum impact; the gun's power allows it to temporarily immobilises enemies even if they aren't destroyed. Activating the speedloaders can boost the firing rate temporarily, but causes the Bulldog to suffer from a cooldown period afterwards to prevent barrel warping.
Retriever Mortar Tank A Retriever APC with a 75mm mortar, this vehicle does little damage and is quite inaccurate but fires very quickly; a battery of Mortar Tanks can saturate an area with a constant rain of shells. Toe-popper shells, which scatter tiny mines over a wide area, are also useful, since they can immobilise an infantryman and slow down vehicles, causing an attack to stutter and fail.
Vickers Machine Gun A multi-crew heavy machine gun on a wheeled base, the Vickers must deploy to fire, but can put out a hail of bullets that easily suppress infantry and can even hamper enemy vehicles by shattering their vision blocks and filling their interiors with spalling. They can also destroy aircraft.
17 Pound Gun A simple direct-fire gun on a wheeled base, once deployed the 17 Pound Gun is capable of rapidly engaging and destroying a wide variety of ground targets. Their low cost means you can field two for every armoured vehicle on the field, which compensates for their lack of mobility.
IconBlueChina Silkworm Missile Post These missile launcher posts are excellent for bombarding advancing enemy forces; unlike other strategic artillery, the missile can track targets, improving accuracy significantly. Once above the target, the missile explodes, releasing a cluster of high explosive bomblets that can shred attacking soldiers and armour. Unfortunately, they suffer from a slow rate of fire.

Structures Edit

IconBlueChina Command Bunker Holdovers from the war stockpiled with war material, these bunkers house Nationalist survivors. If they are captured, the stash of vehicles and personnel can be put to good use.

Indian Reservist Reinforcements Edit

These forces can be called upon during Minor Faction Deathmatch. The Indian Reservists act as a mobile strike-force brought in to help the entrenched NRA make any small breakthrough.

Indian Defender Armed with assault rifles and anti-tank grenades, Indian Defenders stand ready to attack the enemies of democracy throughout Asia. While not extraordinary on their own, coming from the most populous nation on Earth means there are many of them.
DUKW This truck is unarmed, but can carry the many Indian Defenders you'll get across water and through enemy fire.
Crocodile Hovertank This speedy and amphibious hovertank makes for a good flanker, but a lack of armour and light armament of two autocannons means it won't last in a straight fight. The Crocodile's secondary is a speed boost that will rip it across the battlefield!
Cutlass Ramjet The Indians don't have many VTOL aircraft, so they make do with this, which can swat enemy bogies easily enough, but has to leave the battlefield to repair and rearm.
IconBlueChina Shortbow Helicopter A cheaply manufactured version of the Longbow Mk. 1, the Indian Shortbow is relatively weak, but comes in large numbers, and is effective against tanks with its missile pods. It can make an emergency landing to avoid anti-air fire and conduct repairs.
National Revolutionary Army

Paradox-Exclusive Mini-Faction.

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