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Function Assault Power
Brief The order goes out to attack with all speed! Allied vehicles across the map gain a speed and firepower boost for the duration.

To Sun Tzu, war was an art. For the Peacekeepers, however, war is a science, one of reproducible results and optimisation. To this end, the Peacekeepers employ what they call the Tactical Encyclopedia, known to soldiers as Tactipedia or simply the Playbook. Divided into sections for field bases, infantry, air, armour and higher-level strategic command, offense and defence, and a wide variety of environment and scenarios, the Tactical Encyclopedia is a massive, ever-changing document which is intended to give soldiers, officers and commanders a common language and set of basic tactics, as well as ensuring that the optimal tactics for most common battlefield solutions are ever at the forefront of every soldier's mind.

Buried in the section on Armoured Warfare is an attack pattern named Z-95a. The section consists of a short paragraph and a picture. You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but Z-95a is widely thought to be the best order a tanker could receive; most chomp at the bit for an opportunity to execute it. The reason is quite simple; like most entries, there is a diagram showing a simplified version of what this tactic entails. On most, it is a complicated series of arrows and symbols designed to show combined-arms tactics or specific misdirections.

For Z-95a, there is simply a single arrow.

The order is summarised as "Attack with All Speed" in the Playbook. Once Z-95a is called, every vehicle on the battlefield is expected to advance on the enemy with reckless abandon, fire on any target that presents itself, and disregard any sort of caution or restraint until Z-95b (All Stop and Consolidate Gains) is called. Though obviously this conduct would be foolish if it were standard practice, on occasion, when the enemy has been weakened or caught off guard, trusting each individual vehicle to pursue the enemy on their own accord can maximise the exploitation of an opportunity for a short time. This ties in well to the universal Peacekeeper strategic principle of Attack Only One; that an optimal strategy is one that strikes the enemy at their weakest point with all the force at your disposal, and all other tactics exist to set up or capitalise on these situations.

Of course, Attack with All Speed cannot be maintained for long. Statistically, while under these orders, Allied vehicles expend their fuel 173% faster and expend all their ammunition within 23 minutes in standard combat conditions. Thus, the order tends to be issued sparingly, and is usually quickly ended once the enemy has been broken.

Blitzkrieg! All Allied land vehicles move 25% faster and do 15% more damage for the next 20 seconds.
Überwältigen! Your forces are pushed to the limit! A 35% movement rate boost, 20% more damage, and the Unstoppable tag are yours for 25 seconds.
60px Shocktoberfest! It is time to unleash the true power of democracy! 50% movement boost, 25% more damage, and Unstoppable is applied to all vehicles for 30 seconds!
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