Black Market
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Building Type Support Structure
Function Provide income
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Constructs Auxiliary
Dev. Status Conceptual


Throughout its history, the Mediterranean Syndicate has always appreciated the value of its more shadowy dealings. After all, it was its more dubious deals that allowed it to get back up on its feet in the first place, and even today, the Syndicate's illegal operations provide it with a significant amount of income.

The structure known as the Black Market was born when Legion Security began to seek new ways of funding its operations. The logic was this; most of the regions that Legion Security deployed to were afflicted in war, and in wartime, black markets flourish, with the restrictions on critical resources such as food, gasoline, rubber, and so on creating demand in the black market. Someone in the Syndicate's ranks realised how the Syndicate could profit from deals with the local black market, providing locals with whatever goods they needed.

Put simply, the Black Market was designed to be a safe haven from which Syndicate affiliated dealers could conduct their illegal trades from. Black Markets are shielded from prying eyes by a variety of means, allowing the Syndicate to deal in relative safety. In practice, Black Markets allow the Syndicate to make a significant profit; a fraction of this is allocated to fund the operations of the Legion Security force operating in the area.

In addition, Black Markets also serve as a conduit through which the Syndicate could begin spreading its drug trade to the region. Addicting the locals provided another opportunity, one that was quickly seized upon by Legion Security once they realised it. Drug addicted members of the local populace could be recruited as Auxiliaries, in a similar manner to Sprawl dwellers. However, when recruiting from the local population, things are done somewhat differently. In the Sprawls, Legion Security personnel openly drive about offering equipment and free drugs. However, since the Syndicate can't go around distributing arms to the locals, they employ a more covert method, spreading rumours and information through the population about the possibility of signing up, and getting anyone interested in the chance to see some action to go to various places, from which they are then brought to the local Black Market. Once recruits arrive at the Black Market, they then receive their equipment. Recruiting from the locals has the advantage of greatly reducing the costs of transportation (after all, they don't have to transport the Auxiliaries all the way from the Sprawls), allowing the Syndicate to save on money.

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