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Battle of St.Marys
Submarine Base St.Marys before the Confederate takeover
War Second American Civil War
Previous The Battle of Washington D.C.
Concurrent Battle of Philadelphia
Next .
Date July 23, 1969
Place St.Marys, Georgia, United States
Result Allied Victory, Confederate Submarine base destroyed
AlliedLogoThumb.pngAllied Nations ConfederateLogoThumb.pngConfederate Revolutionaries
AlliedLogoThumb.png • Captain Hennrick Sogade
• Colonel Kimona Chevelle
ConfederateLogoThumb.png •Patricia "Goliad" Jones
7th Allied Task Force
• 1 Von Esling-class Aircraft Carrier ANV Athens
• 4 Michell-class Assault Destroyers
• 2 Payne-class Escort Frigates
• 4 Hispanolia-class Patrol Boats/Hydrofoils

4th Allied Peacekeeper Corps

• 1 MCV
• 200 Peacekeepers
• 100 Javelin Soldiers
• 20 Attack Dogs
• 3 PV90 "Pavlov" Animal Handling Vehicle
1st Light Armored Brigade
• 30 M555 Stewart Tanks
• 80 FnACV-66D3 Riptides
• 35 Multigunner Infantry Fighting Vehicle Mk.II's
32nd Airflight Squadron
• 12 TB-1GA Vindicator Bombers
• 8 F-11B Apollo Fighters
• 2 ISP-38C Swan Seaplane Artillery
Naval Submarine Base St.Marys
• 1 MCV
• 10 Turrets
• 6 Quad Guns
Submarine Squadron 10
• 7 GSV-53 Razor-class Submarines
Submarine Squadron 4
• 10 Turtle-class Mini-Subs

2nd Georgia Coast Guard Squadron

• 5 Thunderhead-class PT Boat
• 4 Archerfish-class Patrol Boat

5th Georgia National Guard Battalion

• 134 Minutemen
• 96 Amazon Warriors
• 39 Mortar Infantry
• 10 Marksmen

11th Confederate Ambush Division

• 5 M102 Truck, PAWI variants
• 23 M101 Weasel Utility Tanks
• 19 Dustrunner Buggies
• 3 Bulldog Tank Destroyers
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Civilian casualties
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