The Battle of Prague. Soviet forces were pressed hard to capture the city. High command would expect heavy resistance within the city. The was to help the vital push on Berlin opening the way for a push on the rest of Europe. The city leads to the transcontinental highway through Europe. If the Soviets capture it the Allies will not be able to hold off the attack on berlin, only by sheer luck would they be able to do so. The Soviets amassed all the manpower available to the attack. Millions of men, hundreds of tanks, missile launchers, AFVs and anything else was rushed to the attack. The attack began early on the morning of March 27, 1967. The militia and a small allied division in the city were a token force compared to the Soviets. The city was hold for most 1 and a half weeks before the Soviets completely surrounded the city and launched V4 rockets at the city leveling it completely. Forcing the city and the country to surrender to the Soviets. This would lead them to the final Push on Berlin. The allies were forced into retreat to Berlin as well. If they didn't hold Berlin, They would be pushed back to Paris and then if possible Britain.

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