The north pacific region. This is where both the United States and Russia border each other via the bearing strait. Here the allies, soviet union, empire and the confederates come into contact with each other at once. Now the reason the empire shows up here is because of their foothold on the state of Alaska during the invasion earlier in the war. The four powers were in sight and, this is still unknown who opened fired first, but what followed was the largest naval confrontation since the Battle of Jutland in the first world war. When it was over the four sides were battered, bruised and broken. They were forced to withdraw. While all sides claimed victory, the battle was ultimately a draw. This was a benefit to the sides who fought. The confederates were able to bluster their numbers, using it as propaganda. The allies, using it for a time of re-evaluation of its battle plans, the empire, time for adjusting its holding and the soviets, time to rebuild and resupply their forces.

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