Battle Lab
The Battle Lab
The Battle Lab
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Building Type Support Structure
Function Unlock technology
Cost $3000
Construction Time 0:45
Power 75
Constructs None
Dev. Status Original RA3 Building
SU Battle Lab

The three levels of the Battle Lab

Out on the field, a Soviet base is mostly composed of fairly simple facilities such as barracks for troops and production lines for refining ore and assembling pre-fabricated tank parts. The Battle Lab is the most glorious exception to this. These mighty complexes symbolize the apex of the Soviet cause with modern looking labs, a statue of Lenin to remind everyone they work for the Union and even rest rooms for the several scientists working within. Here, upgrades are researched to make them available for eager commanders on the battlefield.

Rumour has it many new, previously unheard of technologies are located within the annals of these labs as well, but no one except the ministry knows the truth. Good for the population, because giving away classified information results in the death penalty. However, all these things come at a steep price, so building a Battle Lab is very costly and requires vast amounts of time and energy to keep all the research going. Also, Battle Labs are rather fragile, and considering their importance, must be protected at all times if possible.

Note that building a Battle Lab unlocks the Barracks Man-Cannon.

Level 1 Upgrades

Infantry Kit $500, 0:30 Infantry are issued chemical protection gear and improved body armour, giving them resistance to chemical, radiation, blast and fire damage types.
Grinder Treads $500, 0:30 Soviet vehicles gain health when they crush enemies or terrain features.
Mobile Combat Vehicle $500, 0:30 The Soviet MCV gains a turret for self-defence.
Advanced Training $500, 0:30 Soviet units gain experience 20% faster.
Battle Lab Upgrade $2000, 0:45 Upgrades the Battle Lab to level 2. Provides a 20% bonus to attack and defence stats, and upgrades all reactors to Tesla Reactors.

Level 2 Upgrades

Improved Seals $1000, 0:45 Submarines stealth while submerged.
Magnetic Disruption $1000, 0:45 Magnetic Weapons are given mezzing or debuffing bonuses.
Power to the People $1000, 0:45 Soviet vehicles buff nearby infantry with propaganda.
Electrostatic Flak $1000, 0:45 Enemies struck by flak weapons are slowed 10% for 1 second after impact
Battle Lab Upgrade 2 $3000 1:15 Upgrades the Battle Lab to level 3. Provides a 30% bonus to attack and defence stats.

Level 3 Upgrades

Eye in the Sky $2000 1:00 Reveals the entire map.
Chain Lightning $2000 1:00 Tesla Weapons will chain to nearby targets, damaging multiple enemies.
Junk Repair $2000 1:00 When a Soviet vehicle is lost, all nearby units are repaired.
Magnetic Armour $2000 1:00 Airships using their boost or aircraft returning to base are considerably tougher and faster.

Just the Stats

Battle Lab

Tech Center
Cost 3000
Build Time 0:45
Health 300
Power -75
Armour Type Structure
Soviet Union Red Army

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