Balloon Bombs
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Function Attack Power
Brief A series of balloon bombs target an enemy position.

"Look comrades, the Japanese think they can match our zeppelins!"

- Last words of a Soviet field commander

In the waning days of the war, Emperor Tatsu realized that, for all the Empire's technological advancements in nanotechnology and mecha systems, the navies of the Soviet gajin and Allied nanban were rapidly cutting off Imperial supplies from the home islands, straining the war effort. Though the Imperial nanomachines could, theoretically, "transmute" soil into refined metals, Emperor Tatsu decided on a more surprising path for the technological genius. He asked the Empire's schools to start constructing fabric balloons, and ordered the munitions factories to start making high-explosive impact-detonated bombs. Calling together his council, he gave a short speech about how his father's wisdom was invaluable to the Empire. How Emperor Yoshiro had brought life into a dying destiny. That was when, behind Tatsu, hundreds of balloons suddenly lifted off from the Imperial garden.

Days later, the shogunate read that dozens of Allied and Soviet positions were suddenly under attack from a balloon-based weapon system.

Though these early balloons were brilliant terror weapons ("That can't be an airplane, must be an error."), commanders in the field realized the anti-structure potential in each bomb, and decided to refine the concept. The balloons now had plotted courses with the air currents in the area, and on command, would vent their hydrogen bags to drop onto a pre-determined position. Now, one of Tatsu's simplest creations are also some of his most deadly.

60px Balloon Bombs X barrage balloons fall from the sky onto the target area.
Balloon Bombardment X barrage balloons fall from the sky onto the target area.
60px Balloon Barrage X barrage balloons fall from the sky onto the target area.
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