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Automatic Auto
Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Unit Type Amphibious Armoured Car
Production Building
Secondary Ability Hell on Wheels: Becomes a horror from beyond time and space itself, disrupting other racers.
Prerequisite Unknown
Cost Unknown
Production Time 0:00
Dev. Status Concept
Dimension of Origin  Unknown
Assembled by  Unknown
Key Features  » Sleek Aluminium Chassis
 » Mounted Sonic Cannon
 » 'Road Rage' AI
 » 'Contained' Cosmic Horror
 » Anger Management Programs (Ineffective)

The following interview took place an indeterminate time ago, regarding the entry of a new vehicle into the great race. In lieu of the odd behaviour and abilities demonstrated by the vehicle in question, this transcript has been distributed to the Allied Nations for analysis. The whereabouts of the original footage are unknown.

Interviewer: Okay, can I please get your name for the record?

"Smith": Yes.

"Smith" proceeds to stare at the interviewer for several seconds.

Interviewer: ...

"Smith": I am Smith. Mister Smith.

Interviewer: I need your full name, sorry. It's for the record, you see...

"Smith": Certainly. Another pause. That is my full name. I am "Mister Smith", middle name Tom, as it has been since birth.

Interviewer: ...Is that right?

"Smith": Yes.

Interviewer: So your full title would be "mister Mister Tom Smith"?

"Smith" does not respond.

Interviewer:' May I ask what you are here for today?

"Smith": I am a software engineer.

Interviewer: You are aware that this is the headquaters of a racing company, correct?

"Smith": My car is at the front. You may have seen it.

Interviewer: Yes, we saw it when you entered. It's absolutely remarkable, we've never seen anything like it. One of our engineers is checking it out right now...

"Smith": Do not touch it!

Note that, while "Smith"'s voice reacted in a manner consistent with anger, his face and body language did not change at all during this outburst.

Interviewer: Okay, I can understand if you want to keep a discovery a secret. We'll tell them to stop it once this interview is complete, okay?

"Smith" does not respond.

Interviewer: What did you wish for us to do with your vehicle?

"Smith": We wish to race.

Interviewer: I'll need to see some qualifications.

"Smith": I will not be driving. He will.

Interviewer: And who is "He"?

"Smith": I am a software engineer...

Interviewer: Confused. Yes, well, I think we can give it a trial run. Please contact us when you want to race.

"Smith" does not respond.

"Smith" tilts his head slightly, and stares at the interviewer for a full minute, before leaving silently

"Smith" has not been seen since this incident. Efforts to track him down have returned no results.

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