ALAC (Assault Lander Air Cushion)
The Assault Lander floating on a mix of dihydrogen monoxide containing large quantities of sodium chloride and other ions - or as it's more commonly known, a sea..
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Unit Type Assault Transport
Designation Transport
Tier 2
Production Building Seaport
Secondary Ability Disembark Cargo
Cost $2200
Production Time 0:25
Heroic Upgrade Cryo Howitzer
• Adds Cold tag to primary weapon
Dev. Status In game
Country of Origin  SouthAfricathumb South Africa
Produced by  Amber-Tangerine Production, Johannesburg
Key Features  » Ground effects cushion (armoured)
 » Hydraulic howitzer w/ high pressure pump
 » Multi-layer steel hull
 » Form-fitting pad (x2)
 » Segregated hangar (x2)

"Splash one! Heh heh heh...."

- Assault Lander, given attack order

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Because Tanks Can't Float: The Assault Lander is the the Allies' heavy amphibious transport, capable of transporting up to 2 vehicles or 10 infantry across the water bodies that you will be staging your amphibious assaults across in its deceptively cramped-looking interior.
  • PSI: The Assault Lander isn't unarmed, either. It possesses a hydraulic howitzer that lobs long ranged projectiles that send enemies reeling back and stun them, in addition to damaging them.
  • You'd Dare Attack Transports?: Although it is heavily armoured, the Assault Lander is expensive, and if it is destroyed, its cargo is lost with it. In addition, the howitzer only works on water, which leaves the Assault Lander defenceless on land.
  • Cold Burst: Experimental liquid helium shells have been issued to experienced hydraulic howitzer gunners. These shells both damage and freeze enemies.

WWIII Operational History Edit

Before 1965, the Allied Forces were happy enough to allow the new Master Chronospheres to keep transport fluid and efficient, and other, more conventional ships to make up for high demand. Yet when World War III broke out, the Allies found themselves lost. Chronospheres cannot be built everywhere, and the Nightingale Carryall was a long way from even being conceptualized. To overcome this issue, Allied High Command put their best naval engineers and officials to the job. And the solution was not one that Allied citizens expected. They were expecting jets, mobile Chronospheres, or even some new technologies that would be new and shiny.

Yet, the design of the Assault Lander was simple. And that is the reason for its huge success.

The Assault Lander was soon hitting beaches months later. Assault Landers are extremely tough, easy to make in major Allied docks, and armed with a howitzer that can be used to bombard enemies with long ranged, if unguided projectiles that can send them flying back and leave them stunned for a few seconds.

However, the true value of the Assault Lander is that can carry up to two vehicles or ten infantry at once. It has two segregated hangars to reduce disorganisation during loading and unloading processes, as well as keeping any fuel leakages, broken parts of tanks and other things to their own hangar to keep the rest of the hangars unaffected.

Form-fitting pads in each hangar allows many types of units to be loaded and transported, be it Multigunner IFVs, Guardian Tanks or even Athena Cannons. Assault Lander crews are a friendly bunch, since they often see newcomers and many of them are actually former Multigunner IFV drivers who receive a crash psychology course upon their promotion. This means that these ships are some of the most efficient on the seas.

Just the StatsEdit

Assault Lander
Amphibious (67%), Transport(2 Vehicles/10 Infantry)
Beach Assault Craft
Cost 2200
Build Time 0:25
Health 300
Speed 60/40
Armour Type Heavy Armour
Hydraulic Howitzer
Indirect, Dumb-Fire, Splash(50), Water Only, Knock-Back, Stuns(3s)
Range 600
RPS 1/3
Damage 35
Suppression 25
DPS 11.7
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