Ashigaru Bombardier
An Ashigaru Bombardier. Note that the characters on his chestplate read "Hello, my name is Tanaka."
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Unit Type Infantry
Designation Anti Ground/Anti Structure
Tier 2
Production Building Instant Dojo
Secondary Ability Set Charge
Takes a few seconds to set charge, instantly destroys structures
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Multi-Shot
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Japanthumb Japan
Trained at  Genbu Barracks, Abashiri
Key Features  » Type 100 rocket automortar
 » Type 64 multi-purpose mines
 » Expertise in destroying structures
 » Standard issue transmitter
 » Glasses (linked to targeting computer)

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Foot mobile fire support: Well suited to providing fire support for other Imperial infantry, Ashigaru Bombardiers are capable of laying down barrages of mortar rounds from range. Their mortars can clear out garrisons, and when inside buildings they throw grenades to good effect.
  • Delivered to your doorstep: Their mortars may not be the best weapon for taking out structures, but Ashigaru Bombardiers can set explosive charges that will instantly destroy buildings, though this takes a few seconds to do.
  • Not for the frontlines: A word of caution; Ashigaru Bombardiers are meant to provide fire support from behind. Their mortars are unusable at short range, and while useful, their demolition ability forces them to get close, where they are defenceless.


The Empire of the Rising Sun’s preparations for its entry into the Third World War saw a massive recruitment drive, to swell the ranks of the Imperial military with soldiers to fight the enemy. As Japan was far more limited in population than the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union, they needed everybody they could get, and in addition to the volunteers that signed up, many were drafted into the Imperial military to help the Empire fulfil its divine destiny.

However, though this effort allowed the Empire to swell its military with millions of personnel, not all of those personnel were fit for frontline duty. Indeed, many of those less fit personnel ended up serving the Imperial military as Engineers, using their skills in the service of the Empire. At the same time, there were those deemed not fit enough to serve in the position of an Imperial Warrior or Tankbuster, but were still capable of seeing combat. The Empire could not afford to squander manpower in rear line or support functions when that manpower could still be used in some sort of combat capacity. So, many of them became Ashigaru Bombardiers instead.

Ashigaru Bombardiers are effectively support infantry. While they are still combatants, they do not fight with a rifle or a plasma-cutter, but rather provide fire support for their fellows fighting at the front with their rocket mortars. They are safely behind the raging combat that occurs at the frontline, often having to rely on coordinates provided by other Imperial forces.

To some extent, Ashigaru Bombardiers are seen as being around the level of Engineers. They cower behind the protection of their comrades who risk their lives at the frontlines, safely positioned kilometres away and operating a mortar that does most of the work for them! Furthermore, when they get close to the front to set their explosive charges on buildings, they need to be protected as they go about their work!

Nevertheless, Imperial soldiers hold a grudging respect for their comrades-in-arms, and most Imperial Warriors can recount more than one occasion on which their life was saved by a volley of mortar rounds, or a well positioned explosive charge.

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