Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Building Type Production Structure
Function Low-level units
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Constructs Aggressors, Tracers, Seekers, Reflex Light Tank, Equalizer AA Tank, Screamer Jet, Locust Gunship, Gremlins, Aggravator Leaping Sub, Undertow AA Sub, Mitosis Sub
Dev. Status Conceptual

For the Electrical Protectorate, producing machines to fill the ranks of the Infinite Army is no problem. With their understanding of the workings behind alternate universes, as well as the aid of the Icon, it was not difficult for the Core Mind Collective to open gateways to subspace dimensions, in which they could to build their robotic army.

As it were, getting those machines to where they needed to be also proved to be fairly simple to do, once the Protectorate had worked out a way to do it. To put it simply, the Electrical Protectorate's solution is to open a portal straight onto the battlefield. Since the machinery needed to open and stabilise the portal is fairly bulky, it is usually housed inside a building, which is known as an Artificer. Artificers can open a portal large enough for the smaller units of the Infinite Army to pass through, though the larger units require a Foundry to be constructed first.

Once this portal is opened, the Infinite Army simply pour out of it and head straight into battle. If needed, reinforcements can be summoned almost immediately, and in almost endless numbers due to the size of the Infinite Army, though the Core Mind Collective makes it a point that every machine brought onto the battlefield must have its cost in raw materials covered first, so as to make sure they don't end up running out of resources with which to smelt machines. In theory, this system should allow the Protectorate to overwhelm the militaries of the human powers by virtue of having more machines than they have soldiers in any one place at any one time.

Land UnitsEdit

Reflex Light TankEqualizer AA TankNone

Naval UnitsEdit

Aggravator Leaping SubUndertow AA SubMitosis Sub

Air UnitsEdit

Screamer JetLocust GunshipGremlins
Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army

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