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Armour Hunter
Minor Faction BlackHandLogoThumb.png Cult of the Black Hand
Other Faction(s) None
Unit Type Infantry
Designation Anti-Tank
Production Building Cult Shrine
Secondary Ability Booby Trap
Places a proximity charge that stuns units around it when it goes off
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Razorwire Rockets
Dev. Status Unknown
Country of Origin  Yugoslaviathumb.gif Yugoslavia
Trained at  Temples of the Black Hand
Key Features  » RPGL-6 rocket launcher (modified)
 » Leather hood and cowl
 » Mask with glass eyeholes
 » Canisters filled w/ stun gas
 » Journal for personal experiences

"Our "tank" will be invincible against the Black Hand. They do not know of its existence ..."

- Spoken by the first Talon tank commander, killed in the first moments of battle

Tactical Analysis

  • Track Killers: The Armour Hunter is the Cult's anti-tank infantry, and like most infantry of that designation, is armed with a rocket launcher.
  • Shaped Charge: And like most anti-tank infantry, their weapons are ineffective against infantry.
  • A Little Surprise...: Anti-tank rockets aren't the only weapons they carry, however, and all Armour Hunters also carry a supply of booby traps. While not very harmful for anyone, they contain a potent gas that can stun units.
  • Agonizer Round: Special rockets filled with razor sharp wire are sometimes used by Armour Hunters. These rockets are even more dangerous than normal; the razor wire can severely wound infantry and slow vehicles to a halt, entangling treads and slashing tires. Given enough time, the razor wire can even ruin an aircraft's engines, causing it to crash into the ground.

Operational History

Armed with illegal RPGL launchers, the Armour Hunter is used when the Cult needs to defend itself against armour. They act as the anti tank infantry unit for the Cult of the Black Hand and are effective against aircraft and armour alike. They serve as an economical and useful support unit for tanks lacking anti-air capabilities and are secretly considered expendable by the upper ranking members of the Cult. In an essence they are intended to be used in large groups as a support unit providing a flexible defence for enemy units.

The clothes worn by the Armour Hunters reflects their role; the leather armour pulled over the uniforms is treated to be extremely resistant to flame and heat, making them ideal for surviving the weapons of the Order. Their freakish masks have built in goggles to protect them against a backfire from their RPGLs, and their hoods seal around their heads, pressurized by their toxin filter so as to allow them to use their weapons indoors without causing themselves harm.

Behind the Scenes

  • Based on the Militant Rocket Squad from C&C 3 Tiberium Wars.
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