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Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Unit Type Amphibious Infantry
Designation Anti-Ship
Production Building Academy
Secondary Ability C4 charge
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Italythumb Italy
Shipped by  Nereid Diving School, Atlantis Sprawl
Key Features  » Pisces Harpoon gun
 » Underwater C4 Charges
 » SCUBA Gear w/ Face Mask
 » Rubber fins
 » Waterproof bag for underwater finds

"This is a great job, man. Get to dive all day and blow stuff up!"

- Argonaut


In the early days of the Mediterranean Syndicate, its main rival was not any corporation or government, but the Cosa Nostra of Sicily. Again and again, Romulus’s devious plans were undone by soldati sent from Sicily to prevent him from gaining too much power in the underworld, set to be a cornerstone of the Syndicate. As this was before a Syndicate “observer” sat on the Italian Council of Ministers, Romulus couldn’t simply wipe the Cosa Nostra off the face of the Earth without legal ramifications crippling his embryonic megacorporation.

They also controlled all the ports in Sicily, preventing more devious methods and allowing them free movement in all the Mediterranean. Romulus, however, was not a man to be stopped. Inspired by tales of Greek divers sinking Persian ships by swimming up to them and knocking holes in their hulls, he ordered that the newly invented “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus” be stolen and copied for a daring plan.

A motley group of thugs, pearl divers, and veterans were assembled by the Syndicate, who armed and trained them in using a harpoon gun and explosives. Sicily was soon blockaded by these newly dubbed “Argonauts”, working completely underwater for hours at a time. Any ship coming and going was demolished or seized, and since Sicily was too poor to have any airfields, the island was cut off from the rest of the world.

When targets presented themselves, Argonauts would march inland to strike at vulnerable Cosa Nostra targets, from villas of Capofamiglias to fronts for illicit activities. The Italian government assumed all this was a war between Cosa Nostra families and ignored it (many of these government officials were later found to have a sudden increase in wealth). The Cosa Nostra crumbled from this assault and never fully recovered, and the Syndicate was free to dominate the Italian underground.

Argonauts still serve the Syndicate to this day, albeit in a slightly different form. Many ports and Sprawls have a lively diving underground, who scavenges sunken goods and wrecks, sabotage water operations of companies for a bounty from rivals, or just out of boredom. Minimal training is needed, and they often already have their SCUBA gear.

Many nations in debt to the Syndicate risk Argonauts harassing ports until they comply, and any navy attempting manoeuvres against the Syndicate may have their ships sinking at port. One of their chief rivals is Allied dolphins, not only in combat but in philosophy. Though dolphins like humans, they feel it improper for ground dwellers to try and emulate them. Argonauts are also known to have a fear of sharks, and going near Imperial waters.

Tactics Edit

Argonauts are armed with harpoon launchers and explosive charges that can devastate sea targets, without showing up on the minimap. They can go on land, but are much slower to move and fire.

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