"Annihilator" Turret Mk II
Faction ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Building Type Base Defence
Function Strategic Artillery
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Consumption Unknown
Constructs N/A
Heroic Upgrade Atomic Warheads
• Increased damage
• Radiation
Dev. Status Unknown


When the Communist Chinese first unveiled the Armageddon Cannon during the Chinese Civil War, it was meant to be their ultimate siege weapon. With enough shells fired, it could eventually shatter any defence line; the Blue Chinese had nothing in their inventory with the range or power to counter them when the Communists first brought the Armageddons out.

The Blue Chinese response to the Communists building such a massive artillery piece, quite predictably, was to build an even bigger gun. They called it the Annihilator. While it was a stationary artillery piece and wasn't nearly as large as the Armageddon in terms of calibre, it had a far longer range, capable of firing up to 160 kilometres out with the aid of spotters. An unknown number were built at strategic locations along the Nationalists' border with Communist China. All were destroyed by the atomic bombs.

Their memory, however, remained. As the Atomic Kingdom came together, designs for the defences of its strongholds were developed and refined, to protect against the bandits and warlords that would surely turn their hungry eyes to the Kingdom's sanctuaries in time. Eventually, to ward against the possibility of artillery attack (possibly even from one of the Armageddons that were still out there in the wasteland), a similar weapon to the Annihilator was suggested.

The initial design was quickly scaled down. Though Atomic China had duplicators capable of stamping out tanks at a dizzying pace, such a humongous weapon would take an enormous amount of resources and time to construct regardless. When the scaled down design proved unsatisfactory, it underwent several further revisions, until the only thing it shared with its inspiration was the name.

The design that eventually emerged was the Annnihilator Turret. Unlike its spiritual predecessor, the Atomic Chinese Annihilator Turret, apart from being far smaller, also employs missiles instead of artillery shells. These missiles are no ordinary missiles, however, as they are tipped with anti-matter warheads, each containing tremendous explosive force. As missiles, they are far more accurate, and also boast a longer range than a comparably sized gun. While they aren't anywhere as impressive as the original Annihilators, they can be deployed more widely and more cheaply (though they are still highly expensive compared to other Chinese defences), and they are one of the most powerful assets a Chinese battlefield commander has access to, short of a tactical nuclear weapon.

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