Always Ready, Always There
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Function Reinforcement Power
Brief Rebel volunteers emerge from a garrisoned civilian building

"Turn around."

- Confederate Minuteman being asked to reveal the location of the rest of his cell.

America's wars are, more often than not, fought by volunteers. Though mandatory, conscription is still a last resort for when the nation is truly desperate. Her young men, and in recent years young women, have always been willing to step up to defend her in times of dire need. From the original minutemen at Lexington and Concord to the thousands of Americans that enlisted during the Third World War, America's children will always volunteer when the threat is great, though the rose coloured glasses usually fall off in their first combat situation.

Despite this, the Continental Army and Militia forces are spread all across the United States, some actively fighting, some awaiting their call to action from commanders in the field. These forces are used as spies, informants, or in situations of real battle, a reserve force to be called on. When the signal comes, these forces loyal to America will emerge from their hidden locations and take part in the battle. Trained and equipped, they can provide a solid distraction or ready skirmishing force from a direction the enemy would least expect.

Scouts 3 Minutemen emerge from a garrisoned civilian structure to assist in the current battle.
Patrol 6 Minutemen emerge from a garrisoned civilian structure to assist in the current battle.
60px Skirmishers 9 Minutemen emerge from a garrisoned civilian structure to assist in the current battle.
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