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Altar of Light
Faction TalonLogoThumb Order of the Talon
Unit Type Support
Designation Amphibious Vehicle
Prerequisites Reliquary
Secondary Ability Unknown
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Veterancy Upgrade(s) Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual

"Kneel before the Altar of God!"

Templar Jean-Paul Boudreaux

Operational HistoryEdit

Ironically, the Altar of Light, as the Order of the Talon call it, has its origins in a mundane device: the heliograph, favoured by Talon cells operating in the desert as a means of communication between cells and strike groups. The Order devised a combat obelisk-like heliograph tower that could be rapidly assembled in the field, then disassembled and moved to allow a force on the move to stay in contact with other Talon forces. As time went on and technology improved, so did the design behind the heliograph, allowing Talon forces to stay in contact over much longer distances and in detrimental weather conditions. The conversion of these mundane towers to weapons didn't occur until the First World War when a cell in Greece, badly pressed by Cultist attacks, ordered its heliograph set up and rigged for maximum range transmissions, then aimed directly at the enemy. It had been hoped that the heliograph would blind or at least unsettle enemies at such relatively short ranged. The results were beyond the cell's imagining: rather than simply blinding the attackers, it turned them into short-lived torches and half-melted vehicles even before their ammunition and fuel cooked off.

Since then, the Talon have reluctantly embraced radio as a more efficient means of communication still, but the heliograph towers are still a common sight among Talon cells at war. Now, however, the Talon makes no pretence about their function: redesigned for power rather than efficiency, they have earned the apt, if euphemistic, designation as "Altars of Light".

Order of the Talon Eternal Crusade

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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