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The FutureEdit

The Earth, as the Atomic Kingdom and perhaps others suspected, was doomed. Mankind escaped to the stars, for once putting aside their differences in the name of a common good. The future held such hope for humanity. A fresh start. A chance for old grievances to wither and die. Humanity's sins did not have to follow it to the stars.

It did not last. Who slew the captain, the one woman capable of holding the forces of the world together, only the Order of the Talon can say. The last breath of that old scorpion, they hope, but the damage is done. Humanity is broken once more, and under the alien suns of the Alpha Centauri system, humanity's next ordeal has begun...

The Factions Edit

The Allied NationsEdit

Leader: Chairman Werner Heisenberg

Background: Allied Germany, Allied Nations Science Bureau

Agenda: Advancement of the human race

Starting Tech: Applied Physics

First Base: Eagle's Landing

Aversion: Fundamentalist

Government Attributes:

+2 Research (Brilliant scientific minds)

+2 Efficiency (Ruthless pursuit of internal efficiency)

Free Recycling Tanks w/tech (Efficient utilization of resources)

-2 Morale (Reluctant to use military force)

-2 Support (Extravagant technology difficult to maintain)

Need a Hab Complex to go above 4 population (Population growth low governmental priority)

The Soviet UnionEdit

Leader: Premier Cima Len Davidova

Background: Soviet Union, Premier and Chief of Soviet Armed Forces

Agenda: Emancipation of all mankind

Starting Tech: Social Psych

First Base: Red Star

Aversion: Free Market

Government Attributes:

+2 Industry (Efficient and highly organized industrial sector)

Free Recreation Commons in every base

One less drone in every base

-2 Economy (Cultural disdain for material prosperity)

The Empire of the Rising SunEdit

Leader: Emperor Shiro Kamina

Background: Emperor of the Empire of the Rising Sun

Agenda: Claim the Empire's destiny as masters of mankind

Starting Tech: Doctrine: Mobility

First Base: Neo Tokyo

Aversion: Democratic

Government Attributes:

25% Attack Bonus (Pragmatic and ruthless assault doctrine)

25% Psionic Combat Bonus (Trained in intense mental discipline from childhood)

-2 Growth (Complete disregard for welfare of citizens)

The Order of the TalonEdit

Leader: Lady Maria

Background: Grandmaster of the Teutonic Knights, Blessed Lady of the Order

Agenda: Stabilization of the human race

Starting Tech: Doctrine: Mobility, Doctrine: Flexibility

First Base: The Empyrean Sanctum

Aversion: Wealth

Government Attributes:

Special: Starts in the water

+2 Probe (Centuries of experience in psychological warfare)

Sea colony pod and sea former prototypes free

Can build enhancements in trench terrain w/Advanced Ecological Engineering

Bonus minerals from ocean shelf terrain

-1 Industry (Archaic industrial organization)

-1 Economy (Distrustful of large-scale business)

The Confederate RevolutionariesEdit

Leader: President Dennis Hoffhassle

Background: Vice President of the United States, President of the Confederate States

Agenda: Freedom of information and the individual

Starting Tech: Centauri Ecology

First Base: Tranquility

Aversion: Police State

Government Attributes:

+2 Morale (Highly trained and extravagantly equipped specialists)

+1 Planet (Strives for self-contained, self-sufficient city-states)

-2 Research (Suspicious of intellectuals and academics)

Accumulates NO research points until MY 2110

The Mediterranean SyndicateEdit

Leader: Director Romulus

Background: Board of Classics head

Agenda: Unrestrained pursuit of material profit

Starting Tech: Industrial Base

First Base: Olympus

Aversion: Planned

Governmental Attributes:

+2 Economy (Completely unregulated business syndicate)

+25% Votes in Elections of Planetary Governor and Supreme Leader (Prefers to buy votes outright)

Bonus income from commerce

-2 Efficiency (Rampant and systemic corruption)

-2 Planet (Regards Planet as a resource to be exploited)

The Atomic Kingdom of ChinaEdit

Leader: The Viceroy

Background: Interim leader of atomic survivors

Agenda: Escape this doomed world

Starting Tech: Biogenetics

First Base: The Middle Kingdom

Aversion: Green

Governmental Attributes:

+2 Growth (Cloned population)

Free Genejack Factory w/tech

-2 Probe (Clones of a given strain have identical mental patterns)

Extra drone per four citizens (Expendable clone population resents its status)

The Electrical ProtectorateEdit

Leader: Primus Jacob

Background: Unknown

Agenda: Solve the problems posed by entropy

Starting Tech: Information Networks, Applied Physics

First Base: Locus One

Aversion: Power

Governmental Attributes:

+2 Industry (Rapid nanotech-fueled construction)

+2 Research (Inhuman creativity and intellectual brilliance)

+1 Planet (Intuitive understanding of native thought processes)

-2 Growth (Programming new AI a difficult process)

-2 Economy (Distrusted by other factions)

-1 Morale (Regard bodies as expendable assets)

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