Allied protocols work from the different structures and are usually upgraded together with the Tier upgrade. It is enough to have one structure with the highest tier to have access to the highest variant of a power.

Conyard Edit

Surveillance Sweep Sends three Hermes UAVs over two defined points, revealing everything on the path which they cross. Upgrades to Air Recon Sweep upon building an Airfield.

Boot Camp Edit

Chemical Mortars The targeted area is bombarded with tear gas canisters, forcing enemies out of garrisons and significantly hindering them. Automatically upgraded as tier increases, with higher levels increasing the number of canisters and radius of effect. At the highest level, six flash-bombs are included.

Airbase Edit

Surgical Strike An Artemis Precision Bomber drops a bomb at the designated target. Automatically upgraded as tier increases.
Airborne Attack Drops a team of Paratroopers from a JU-52 transport plane. Automatically upgraded as tier increases.
Air Recon Sweep Sends a B-8 Thrush (The spy plane version of the B-9 Artemis) over two defined points, revealing everything on a wide path and detecting stealth immediately under the vehicle.

Armour Facility Edit

Blitzkrieg! All combat ground vehicles experience a sudden speed and ROF boost, allowing you to plough through enemy positions with abandon! Automatically upgraded as tier increases.

Seaport Edit

Cryo Sat A thin line of supercooled helium snakes down from orbit under the control of the player, allowing them to precisely freeze enemy units. Automatically upgraded as tier increases.

Defense Bureau Edit

Disinformation A rolling cloud of radar contacts and vague reports filter back to the enemy HQ, sending them into a panic! Between the two points you designate, a group of radar contacts and fake EVA contacts will travel, confusing your opponent.
GPS Lock Placed on any area you can see, the GPS Lock prevents the Fog of War from rolling back onto a position, making scouting last longer and keeping buildings revealed for targeting.
Time Bomb A time bomb is chronoshifted into the area! It is stealthed until activated by the player; it is then revealed and the timer starts counting down!

Chronosphere Edit

Chrono Swap Exchanges the position of two units on the battlefield. The longer the distance, the longer the cool down time for the units, which are chronofrozen and thus vulnerable to attack whilst reappearing.

Aeronautics Complex Edit

Wire-Guided Missile Strike A wire-guided cluster cruise missile sails into the target, scattering into eight hard-hitting projectiles that wreck all targets with ease! However, these missiles are vulnerable to being shot down.
Microwave Burst An orbiting power relay is redirected to unleash a microwave beam onto a location, scrambling targeting hopelessly. All anti-aircraft and aircraft based weapons under the effect are disabled for the duration, allowing you to slip past even the toughest defence. Must be purchased in order to use, and upgrades must also be purchased.
GOOP Strike An Artemis Precision Bomber drops a bomb at the designated target ... but this one contains sticky GOOP! Must be purchased in order to use, and upgrades must also be purchased.

Experimental Workshop Edit

Clockstop Everything inside the affected area is slowed to a crawl for the duration of the effect. Leaving the field frees you from the effect, but entering it subjects you to it. Must be purchased in order to use, and upgrades must also be purchased.
Shrink Vortex Everything under the designated area is shrunk down to size and sucked into a small area, allowing for easy squishing. Be warned, however, that the moment the effect ends they will revert to original size! Must be purchased in order to use, and upgrades must also be purchased.
Chrono Rift Everything in a small targeted area is phased out of temporal sync, and thus made invulnerable. The units cannot function, and do not block other unit movement. Must be purchased in order to use, and upgrades must also be purchased.

Allied Nations Peacekeeping Divisions

Italics designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

Infantry Attack DogPeacekeeperJavelin SoldierHeavy DefenderEngineerSpyRiflemanRiot AgentRocketeerTanyaPathfinderRocket Pathfinder
Vehicles MCVProspectorRiptide ACVMultigunner IFVArmoured Response VehiclePavlov Handler TankGuardian TankIcarus Mobile AAAHorizon Artillery TankMirage TankAthena CannonAssault StrikerStewart TankValkyrie Self-Propelled Gun
Experimental Vehicles Particle ExpellerFusion TorchtankBarkhausen ProjectorPlanck CompressorRosen Bridging TankPion Isospin ArrayHiggs MASS TankAres Mobile Solar CannonBohr Wavefunction Adjuster
Aircraft Apollo FighterVindicatorCardinal Transport CopterNightingale CarryallCryocopterLongbow LiberatorCentury Bomber
Heavy Aircraft Pulsar Drone MissileMesofortress GunshipAchilles Superiority FighterHeisenberg Assault CopterQuasar DroneFalcon Command Helicopter
Watercraft DolphinHydrofoilSwan Amphibious PlaneAssault LanderAssault DestroyerSubhunter FrigateAlert IcebreakerAircraft Carrier
Structures Construction YardPower PlantBoot CampOre RefineryArmour FacilityAirbaseStrategic Air CommandSeaportDefence BureauAeronautics ComplexExperimental WorkshopCommand HubChronosphereProton Collider
Defences BarricadeSecurity GateReductMultigunner TurretSpectrum TowerGAP TowerSingularity TowerCryo TowerGrand Collider
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