A solitary Aggressor
Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Unit Type Amphibious Infantry
Designation Cannon Fodder
Production Building Artificer
Secondary Ability Burrow into the Rust/Unburrow
Stealths/Becomes mobile (can only be used on top of the Rust)
Cost $20
Production Time 0:00
Dev. Status Modelled
Dimension of Origin  Subspace 6
Deployed at  Region 6, Artificer Node 6
Key Features  » Lightly armoured shell
 » Modular fists (can accept weapons)
 » Integrated burrowing system
 » Low-grade transmission system
 » Well worn circuit diagrams

"Roger Roger."

- The Aggressor's default response to all commands.

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Roger Roger: Aggressors come in huge waves to attack enemy positions by simply drowning them in numbers. Ridiculously cheap and created instantly, you can have five Aggressors for every Conscript.
  • Death of a thousand cuts: Aggressor weapons are hideously weak; at worst they sting a little worse than a hornet. However, the sheer mass of ammo thrown at enemies eventually makes them bow down and die.
  • Where the sun never shines: Aggressors can be ordered to burrow into the ground as long as the nanites of the Rust are available in the position. This way they can hide from enemy units and attacks that would otherwise kill them.
  • Solid in liquid: Aggressors, like most Protectorate units, are designed to withstand the forces of water. Rivers, lakes and the sea cannot harm them, as they simply walk across the bottom towards their destination.

Operational HistoryEdit

Protectorate Aggressor

A sketch of an Aggressor made by the sole survivor of an attack wave against an Allied outpost. 999 other Aggressors not shown.

While basic infantry tend to outnumber all other military units put together in any given army, the Aggressors of the Electrical Protectorate take this to an extreme seldom seen elsewhere. Surrounding the vehicles and heavier infantry of the Electrical Protectorate in a numberless wave of mechanical caricatures, these machines are expended in numbers one would expect to see attached to munitions rather than infantry. Possessed by a machine consciousness from the Core Collective, Aggressors seem to move like marionettes on invisible strings, propelled forward by a consciousness with no particular attachment to the steel forms.

Aggressor computer cores are small and restrictive, so their controlling consciousnesses are restricted to single-minded thinking while within the Aggressor's form, so they must trust their commanders to be used effectively. And the most effective use of the Aggressor is as an endless wave.

When Aggressors attack, the horizon fills with their forms, their sensor lights burning ominously in the distance, and they move as an endless mass. Oftentimes, the rear ranks are simply slaved to following the front groups, because they come in waves of hundreds of thousands or more, shaking the ground with their passage.

As the front ranks are cut down, falling under the feet of the ranks behind, their consciousnesses repossess the ranks behind, keeping the wave moving endlessly. Eventually, their enemies are driven back, ground down by sheer weight of numbers, eventually defeated, crushed under the sheer mass of expended machines if nothing else. Following the battle, Protectorate nanites swarm forth, breaking apart the destroyed machines, recycling them back for the creation of new units.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The B-1 Battle Droid of "Star Wars" and the Geth of "Mass Effect" provided the primary inspiration for the Aggressor.

Just the StatsEdit

Aggressor Weapons

Fearless, Skirmisher
Basic Infantry
Cost 20
Build Time 0:00
Health 15
Speed 50
Armour Type Infantry
Metal Fist

Range 25
Damage 3
Suppression 0
Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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