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Letter to the Editor of the Hollywood Times Edit

Once, I thought the Allied Nations were the greatest thing God could’ve given to a man. They were the opposition to the Godless threat of Communism. The Allies were the first and last line of defense against a hostile enemy that threatened to overrun us all in a sweeping tide of red. They were the best hope of the civilized world, and promised us a bright future.

But that future has darkened. Ackerman might have been nutty, especially after that whole Mt. Rushmore incident, but at least he recognized that a man is allowed to live life as he sees fit. The Allies, they forgot that somewhere along the way, like it wasn’t important to their goals anymore. They lost sight of the people they were protecting in the face of a darkening night.

My government isn’t perfect, but it was honestly elected by the people of this nation. We didn’t ask for the Allies to appoint our president. I never remember going to the Allies and saying “Take over the duties of my local police”. I still want a say in my government, and if I feel they’re doing something wrong, then I should be able to say so.

The Allies have forgotten that America was founded to do away with an oppressive government that knew nothing of the struggles and concerns of regular Americans. And once again, that oppressive government comes from across the Atlantic from Europe.

America has her own destiny, and anyone who says otherwise has never met an American in their life. The Allies have forgotten who they are, and if America must stand without Allies, then so be it.

Odds are, the Allied Peacekeepers, are going to close in on my ranch the second this paper hits the stands. So I’ll be heading in with the Confederates now. I am not ashamed to admit my fears. But courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway.

Marion Mitchell Morrison

Three hours after Allied authorities received a copy of the Hollywood Times editorial, Allied Peacekeepers stormed the ranch of Mr. Morrison, finding the house empty and a note reading, “FILL YOUR HANDS YOU SONS OF BITCHES!”

The bodies of the Peacekeepers were found seven hours later by Allied reinforcements, the movie "The Conqueror" playing through the house.

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