Modular Command Post Tent
A set up ARVN Command Tent
Faction None
Minor Faction(s) ARVNLogoThumb Republic of Vietnam Ranger Forces
Building Type Production Building, Command Centre
Function Deploys Ranger forces
Cost N/A
Construction Time N/A
Power 0
Ability Tier Upgrades
Constructs Battlewagon, Beagle Light Tank, Bluejay Transport, Cardinal Viper, Jungle Ranger, Napalm Ranger, Peacock Tank Destroyer, Predator Response Vehicle, Rascal Dive Bomber, Rocket Ranger
Dev. Status In game


The ARVN has taken various steps toward taking back the harsh isolated jungles of the countryside. One of the most effective strategies involves the extensive use of a mobile semi-permanent force projection facility. To this end the ARVN have developed the forward command tents to ensure the logistical support necessary for the rapid mass deployment of forces. The ARVN Modular Command Post tent (MCP) consists of a modular aluminium frame supporting a tent made of polyester duct fabric.

The MCP design is based on command post systems and is designed to be a single, self-contained entity. Each command post is capable of independent operations or may be combined together to form larger scale command facilities. A small contingent of infantry can be housed in the tent much like a barracks, but vehicles must be called upon and require a longer wait as a result of the fact that they are called from a distance from the battle. The tent itself is a vintage green structure with a faction pattern on the top to prevent friendly fire.

Unlike the MCV, the MCP is not a mobile base, and can be easily captured by the enemy. However it has key advantages in the way that any infantry can assemble one in a relatively effective fashion, needs no power to function, and can call on the support of any nearby patrolling forces. But as little more than a tent, it is universally vulnerable to any form of attack, and must depend on nearby forces for its survival.

Republic of Vietnam Ranger Forces

Paradox-Exclusive Mini-Faction.

Infantry Jungle RangerRocket RangerNapalm Ranger
Vehicles Predator Response VehicleBattlewagonBeagle Light TankPeacock Tank Destroyer
Aircraft Bluejay TransportCardinal ViperRascal Dive Bomber
Structures ARVN Command TentARVN Guard Tower
Special Units Patrol Boat
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Protocols ARVN Protocols
Radar ScanRanch HandNapalm Strike
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